Watch that I Copy DVD2 patch!

I’ve got I Copy DVD 2 on my computer, and aside from the required (for some uses) DVD43 ripper being very finicky, it usually works.* So decided to take advantage of a upgrade patch they offer.

Big misake, at least on my computer, The splash screen for their own product (and some others) would launch, but the program itself could not be seen, even though it was running. And it suddenly took forever for XP Home to shut down. I deleted the patched version and re-installed the original, and the problems disappeared.


*Can anybody suggest a better decrypter than DVD43? If I just want to play a DVD it locks the DVD player unless I turn the thing off first (and then start it from Programs if I want to decrypt) and sometimes gives an error message about Region 1 discs being the wrong region to play on my computer.