Watch out for "cellphone elbow"

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The way your arm bends more than 90 degrees when you’re blabbing on a cellphone is not natural, doctors warn, and could lead to aching and numbness.

Cubital tunnel syndrome, given the more…

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If you use the cell phone that much that you get a cubital tunnel syndrome as a consequence, then it should be almost certainly the least of your worries; getting a heart stroke for one should be more concerning due to the lack of exercise (apart from the biceps and triceps you use to bend/extend your elbow that is :stuck_out_tongue: )

You should be more worried about a different kind of “cellphone elbow.” My elbow in your face the next time you pick up your phone, look at the number, then decide you would rather talk to them than me or the next time you tailgate me at 70MPH while talking on your phone.

Screenshot taken for submission to Internet Tough Guy magazine.

They forgot to mention “cellphone degradation of consideration for others” which is far more prevalent than any elbow malady, especially in those that might get “cellphone elbow”.

hahahahahahahahahhaha lol always something new with these doctors, next thing u know will be that watching too many movies will make u go blind!!! well im at least glad the doctors brought up the point about sleeping on your arm at a 90 degree angle, good comeback and good counter, and good job!

That’s funny!:smiley:

Hm How is the action causing “Cellphone” elbow different from “Telephone Handset” Elbow, that millions people used before the cellphone was invented?

Hm “Corporate Cafeteria” Elbow is finally on the decline. Ya know, dose guys dat put dere elbows on the table and their hands clasped under dere nozes, like dis /"

Perhaps, lesser knows, was the “Hawaiin Good Luck” sign, used by Americans captured by the N Koreans in the 50’s (1950’s). AKA One fingered salute or “See Figure 1” in the technical world.

Does make one wonder, if one is curious enough to wonder, eh?