Watch FTA satellite tv on pc

I’d like to watch and record FTA satellite tv on pc. I’ve a satellite dish and receiver (model IR2000) with embedded irdeto. Thanks for your time.

You’ll need a capture card hooked up to PC and recording SW…I use a PVR150 card and GBPVR or WinTV v6,to record…hope that helps…

Would only make sense if you have more than 1 output (Twin LNB, Quattro-LNB + Multiswitch, Quad LNB, and/or Switches) or have a tunercard dvb-s in your computer, gets the signal from the standalone receiver LOOP TROUGH… That doesnt apply to crypted programs!!!

I use a Twinhan 1030A PCI card. It has a CAM slot. I have a twin LNB. One cable to my Pansat FTA receiver and one to the Twinhan in my HTPC.

So, what is the problem then?

A suitable dvb-s program??
Check out ProgDVB, altdvb, dvbviewer, …

Thanks all for your help. Will do some research & let you know.