Watch For Mysterious Data Usage On Your iPhone

Judging by the picture in the article, are they thinking that people’s cats are responsible for the unexplained data usage?!? :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

AT&T was unaware of why the data was being charged, and where it was coming from.

Its me Its me Its me I did it I did I did I have to have something to do early in the mornings.

When I went overseas to Europe, with data roaming turned off, somehow I still managed to clock up a $500au bill in various countries … without checking emails or surfing the web.

The Netherlands ($312au) and the UK ($160au) were the biggest offenders.
The Netherlands charged me a small fortune for a huge [B]12MB[/B] block and a few small block, and the UK somehow charged hundreds of minuscule accesses at about 12c each.

Somehow, methinks the software has problems and is either deliberately or accidentally taking advantage of customers … and Telco’s have no interest in fixing the bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

Things like this are never accidents greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed