Watch for livestock



We just got back from California last night after attending my Grandmothers funeral in Clear Lake CA. As we were driving at night between Winnemucca NV, and McDermott NV, we hit a 1700lb steer, going 70mph. My dads Pontiac Transport was totally destroyed. Thank god that we were all wearing our seat belts. Lots of bruises, sore muscles, bruised ribs, and thousands of microscopic glass shards everywhere on our bodies. But we all are safe and sound. We will probably be picking glass out of various body parts for the next few months, but at least we are still here to bitch about it.
If you drive at night through range lands, please be careful. We were extremely lucky to have walked away from this one.


Glad to hear your all ok,
cars are replacable, folk aren’t.


OMG harley.!! thats just horrible…good thing you weren’t on your bike…it would have been a mess…glad you and your family are all ok…


Good to know you’re all safe. Hope none of you are in too much pain.


It’s funny you mentioned the bike. The wife and I were almost going to take it, when we decided to go with my folks and split the expenses. Someone was definately watching over us. On the way home we stopped at the scene of the accident, and looked it over carefully. None of us can figure out how we were lucky enough to survive. We will all be in a bit of pain for awhile, and just today, I’ve pulled 4 or 5 small shards of glass from various places, but we sure as heck aren’t going to complain about that.


We all hurt like hell, but it’s nothing vicodin and a scotch and seven-up can’t help. We came out a lot better than the cow did. :cool:


Yo Rob-

Glad to hear that you got outta that one ok - give thanks to your God for the oversight-eh!

Several years ago - we had a pickup truck hit a full size cow on Highway 1 close to us - again totaled the truck - and killed the driver (not wearing seatbelts) - was a real mess!!

Really glad that all are ok-



Glad you are OK harley! :iagree:


Good that you were in a large car. Must feel a bit shaky now eh.
Someone good with math go and figure out how much energy is developed when hitting a 1700lb cow at 70mph. My calculations give me 369 985 joules but I probably got lost somewhere.


Glad you escaped with no serious injuries, Harley. Here, a lot of cattle gets loose. A cousin of mine hit an 1800 lb. bull and totalled his pickup, but he only ended up with scratches. He said (as well as a few others that have hit them) that it’s like hitting a thick, brick wall.


Glad that everyone is ok.


Harley hun…sounds funny …but if you take a credit card and run it over your skin where the glass is sometimes it pops it right out …when I had a car wreck years ago…thats what they did…of course i had embedded glass from my head to my toes…we hit a tree which was about as bad as a cow in the road…

At least you will have something to tell at parties…“I remember this one time I hit a cow in the road”…Followed up with “I ain’t skeered!”


The credit card thing sounds like a good idea. Thanks!

It is definately from head to toes! Last night the wife had to pluck a piece from my butt cheek! :rolleyes: It is virtually everywhere. But, I can truely tell you that I’m not complaining about anything. Just damn glad to still be around!


Here is a pic of what happened to my dad’s van.


¡¡¡ay, chihuahua!!! :frowning:


Thats nasty… have you yet got all the glass out of you?


NOW that is just down right …scary…


Glad to hear you are okay!
Beef for dinner?


Holy crap! Glad you’re all pretty ok.


Not even close. I few pieces work their way out each day. I give it a few more weeks, and I should be almost done picking it out.

Best part… My dad just found out last night that he neglected to get collision insurance! :eek: