Watch a new movie at home for $30, instead of at the theater

Watch a new movie at home for $30, instead of at the theater.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Would you pay a $30 premium to watch a film at home while it’s still in theaters? Some of the major movie studios are hoping so, and are currently working on ways to implement screenings.

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And movie rental companies.

On the other hand, pirates are cheering and hackers are looking forward to the opportunity to break the new system & market new products :iagree:

Frankly when I consider how many times I spent $10.00 to see a movie at the theater and it sucked? No thanks Hollywood.

I simply cannot see consumers paying that much for an on-demand movie, no matter how early it is released.

Here’s why this won’t last or work…I would wait and rent the movie instead cost lot less and I can return and not have to get shelled for $30…when I can pay way less for online rentals…

That price point will not fly. If anything the price should be far less since their distribution overhead and theater expense is nearly non-existent. The entertainment industry keeps letting their greed get in the way of making a profitable business model.

I wouldn’t pay $30 for that…and price-levels for cinema tickets and DVDs/BDs are about twice as high here in Denmark as they are in the U.S., so it should be twice as attractive to me as to someone in the U.S.

They must be out of their minds.


On the other hand, pirates are cheering and hackers are looking forward to the opportunity to break the new system & market new products :iagree:[/QUOTE]

Who needs to hack it, when all you need to do is record it with your hd camcorder. I would be willing to download “cam” versions again :smiley:

The movie studios prove once again that they are delusional. There isn’t enough demand at that price for their products.

I took a poll where they were floating that idea and I locked it down to the lowest price I had as a option, I’m sure everyone else did too but instead they go ahead with a WAY too high price then they will complain when nobody uses the new service and probably claim it’s becuase of piracy again.
I can now outright buy the physical blu ray cheaper then that and have a forever copy anyways, I don’t need to see it the moment it comes out and even the theater for me where I’m at is cheaper for just the movie part.

RedBox gets them quick enough for me…

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2547059]RedBox gets them quick enough for me…[/QUOTE]
:iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: and Netflix does too

If they would put the price down to say $3.00 then it might work but not
at $30.00 a pop no way those guys are completely nuts. :eek:

Wow, sounds wonderful. Worth to try.
P.S. I am a film lover.

Most of you are too damn KIND w/ your responces. In Demand CEO Bob Benya is a freakin’ NUT JOB full of greed & full of CRAP. Anyone who pays anywhere near that $30 tag is also a nutjob!! You wanna see prices go down-BOYCOTT the theaters, for 1. My family LIVES w/o rushing out to see the newest "now Playing."
If hardly no one show–they will HAVE to either lower the prices or close.
Tell your friends to google “Power of the Purse.” I learned that way back in the 60’s–it simply means we the people still have some influence. Speaking of which this "In Demand CEO Bob Benya " must have been on something–just kidding–he’s just another example of what’s been going wrong with our beloved AMERICA:
Let’s work together, friends–and start by being more friendly to one another each day. Unless I meet up w/ that In Demand CEO Bob Benya , the greedy Nutjob.
PaxVobiscum, D

I can’t see paying $30 for something like this . . . sheesh.

I don’t see myself ever paying $30 to watch a movie at home that’s currently in theaters, but I suppose some people might take advantage of it. Although I would think that it would be a very small amount of consumers that would actually use this service.

Or just wait 2 months for the DVD release and rent it for $2 at my mom & pop video store ? What a ridiculous idea.

$30? are you serious… even $4 at theater (in Mexico) seems overpriced for current movie quality.

The price point doesn’t see too far off for a family. Two adults and two kids at my local theatre cost me $30.50 ($8.75/adult and $6.50/child). Add another $20 for popcorn and drinks. Even if you leave the kids at home, you will still spend over $50 for tickets, snacks and babysitter. Still, with on-demand movies from cable/satellite providers ranging from $.99 to $10 and with Netflix discs and on-demand, I don’t see too many people jumping on the service at the $30 price point.

$30 is just lol. As other have said, Netflix is fast enough for me. Go to the theaters is just a flat out ripoff. When I see a new movie advertised coming out soon, if it looks good I just add it to my Q and it comes when it comes (months later). Good enough for me.