Watch 1 Channel - Record Another w/Cable Box

Recently obtained a digital cable box (Motorola DCT2000). With my current dvd recorder (LVW-5007) set up, I’m able to record an analog channel while viewing another. I’m also able to program the recording with the recorder’s TV Guide Onscreen feature (nice). I haven’t been able to figure out how to record a digital channel while watching another as I must keep the cable box on the channel that is being recorded. Also, I must manually set up the recording for digital as the TV Guide Onscreen doesn’t recognize those channels and remember to keep the box on the channel I want recorded. (Note - the TV Guide Onscreen doesn’t recognize the cable box.)

Here is my set up:
I have a 2-way splitter on the CATV line before it goes into the cable box. Connected from the splitter is an RF line into the cable box and the other into the DVD recorder. I also connected the cable box RF output into the TV’s RF input. Lastly, I have RCA outputs connected between the cable box outputs to the DVD recorder inputs (will be shortly switching to S-video).

While doing a search for my query, I found a post that described my set-up as described above. The writer indicated the set up would "give you analog cable watch one/record another capability if you want to record off the DVD recorders’s tuner while watching something else through the cable box or have the DVD recorder from the cable box while watching something else with the TV’s analog tuner. (Sorry, as a novice that comment confused me.) In addition, he indicated that his default operating mode would be as follows: Set the DVD record to look at the L1 input to get A/V from the cable box and set the TV to the component input to get video from the DVD recorder. I did not understand this suggestion, so I was unsure how to make these default settings.

Bottom line, is my set-up correct and is there an easy way to record digital channels while watching a different channel? I should also mention that the DVD recorder came with an IR cable - do I need it?

Appreciate any suggestions.

Your box probably has one digital tuner so you can watch or record one digital channel at a time. Most of the new cable boxes with DVR are dual tuner, however you can’t record one digital channel and record another on an exernal device. You can record two channels at once or watch one, record another internally. These days the easiest way to go is with the cable company box (unfortunately, they make you hand over a few $$$ for each extra service).