Wat will be in new release?

i keep hearing the developers saying next releases will be full of surprises etc starforce support and then nothing really gets implemented that is exciting so i want to know if any beta tester r here with any info on wat protections they r trying to implement in the next release??? :bow: :cool: :cop: :cop:

Where did you eared those things? I never saw any Alcohol developers claiming that. In fact, the Alcohol team never disclosures any information about the changelog before the official release. Newest protections are not easy to beat, but the Alcohol Development Team is doing research, but there are no predictions about which protections are going to be beaten in the next release.

Their next changelog, from the people that know!

not much use if u dont have permission to access it?? :smiley:

maybe a transcript please

Probably moved to a moderators forum, due to the legality etc.

it was moved to mod forum because it had abuse in it.

Abuse? You mean like the last changelog?

lol no, a few members werenโ€™t playing very nice, so to keep the peace it was removed.

Donโ€™t ask me to name names :wink: