Wat should i go for?

going to buy 2 Spindles of of dvd,need to do some Important back up

i need these Media to be Reliable

wat should i go for ?

Option I:


Mailed Rima.com They Said its made in Taiwan.

Optiion II-


which one should i go for ?

Ooooh, MIT Verbies and YUDEN000 T02.

Close call, I’d get both. :bigsmile:

Yeah i know Close Call,i have Never Used MIT Verbies,always on YUDEN000T02

need ur Suggestion Guys :slight_smile:

will be using Benq 1650’s for Burning these

Help would be Great :iagree:

You have listed two of the most widely compatible DVD+R media you can get.

If you have an older DVD burner from before 16x media existed, then get the YUDEN000 T02.

If you have a Matshita UJ-840S laptop drive like I do (not likely) get the MCC 004.

Otherwise get either or both.

^^^ like i said, i have a Benq 1650

I am Purely putting Stress on Quality :slight_smile:

If I was you I’d get the TY over the Verbatims.

I’m a little biased though because I had problems with Verbatim media before, but don’t let me put you off it.

Either one are great! :iagree:

^^ can u pls Explain wat Probs ? would help me make THE Decision

Rima/ACCA has always supplied me with the very best Verbs, whether CMC or Prodisc. It’s a win-win situation. I would probably go with the Verbatim just because I like the finish better. :slight_smile:

Shame you can’t get the Verb T02s that we could get here awhile back (I still have a small stash, 50 discs).

Best of both worlds :bigsmile:

Were those Merbies? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like it Should Go for Verbs MIT,seems to have more votes :slight_smile:

@tropic: Agree with u totally

LMAO! No, not that I’m aware :bigsmile:

@achemen - good choice. But it would have been a good choice whichever one you chose IMO :wink:

LOL!!! more like Tverbs :stuck_out_tongue:

Get the T02, simply because eventually they won’t be around anymore, whereas there’s lots of MCC004 and it’s easy to find.

So get the T02 simply because it’s harder to get :stuck_out_tongue:

Quality wise you won’t have trouble with either.

Tropic is referring to the fact that some Verbatim had “Merbatim Corp.” printed on their labels.
Search the forum for photos and more comments about this.

You won’t go far wrong either way. I have a slight preference for the
TY T02’s because they usually give slightly better scan results than
the Verbatim MCC004 in my Liteon drives.

I’d wish I’d been in the market for discs when the TYG02 and T02 were about in branded (non-printables). I had a load of quality 4x media and didn’t get any Plus media until I bought the BenQ DW1650.

The Verb T02 were expensive (£14.99 for 25 in Maplin’s), so it’s probably for the best that you missed them LOL :wink:

I think my old MII 4x Verbs were that price…stocking up was less appealing then…I’m desperately holding on to the TYG01 Pastels I got a few years back…I did recklessly burn a few but now I save them for special occasions.