Wasting every 2nd DVD

I have a pioneer DVR 108. Just recently using both Nero 6 &7 and dvd decrypter from either an .img or a .iso it seems to fail once and then burn exactly that same file ok. Is it time to buy a new burner or could it be software or settings. If anyone can offer a sugestion I would be grateful.

What media? slow down write speed…post a log…

The brand of dvd is Ridata and is rated at 12x and I only burn max at 8x. I have used these disks on this burner in the past with no problems. It started recently. I then put a new hard drive in and reloaded all the software and it still happens.

Try 4x or 6x, see what happens.Not sure about Ridata AFAIK, iffy media, try Verbs or Ty’s…post a log…Also DVDDecrypter is outdated, try DVDFab HD Decrypter as it could be in how it’s ripped…And I would suggest you burn DL backups using IMGBurn…if that is the media used…

Does the drive eject the media after each burn? If not, the internal buffer may be an issue.

I was using Nero to burn and it just comes up with burn process failed, then it ejects the disk. I use simulate first now so I am not wasting disks.
What do I need to do to look at the internal buffer issue?
I swapped the dvd burner over with one from another machine and it is still hapenning, any ideas? I thank you in advance.

Is it happening in the another machine or still in the original machine?

I think you need a new firmware flash. This start to sound like a writing protocol gone bad or something. (I’m no expert). Try finding a firmware at www.rpc1.org

I moved the dvd burner from another computer and replaced the burner that I was having problems with, but the same thing happened. Therefore I don’t believe it is the burner. I also updated the drivers from Pioneer for the DVR 108 drive. You mentioned previously that the internal buffer might be an issue, how do I adjust that and what should I adjust that to?

Did you try diff.media? …does it happen with all disks/movies or one in particular? POST A LOG!.. try IMGBurn to burn…
Since you tried diff burners with no luck I doubt it’s your burners…Have you installed or un-installed proggys lately? what are you ripping with ? PC specs and OS, do a restore to an earlier time when it worked properly…in steps explain your backup process from the start… :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried different media as I have used this brand for some time with no problems. I have bought them in a spindle of 50 so maybe I have got a bad batch. I will buy some new ones and check them out.
I have tried different files to burn and they all seem to do the same.
Excuse my ignorance but when you say post a log, what do you mean by that.
I will try to get hold of IMGburn and try that.
I have renistalled lately, as I have upgraded my c:/ but this was happening just before I upgraded and just after as well (it could still be the disks)
I run a pc P4 3.2ghz with 1 gig ram. I am using winows xp.
The files I am trying to burn which are both .img and .iso’s are from files that I have downloaded off the net. Others I have ripped with DVD Decrypter. I have used your advise and I now have dvdfab, but I haven’t ripped with that yet.
I have ripped and used downloaded files many times before. I Have just started to have this problem lately.

Try to restore your system to few weeks back and see if that resolve the issue before putting your drive in the retirement.

Programs>Ahead>Nero> NeroHistory .log…
try using your method on an original (not DL’d) disk,see if it works…
Both IMGBurn or shrink will accept a proper iso file…try it…And try diff. MEDIA!!!
DVDFab is outstanding,IMO… :slight_smile: