Wasting DVD discs



VSO Convert4x will not finalize after burning . It will finalize about half way and then stop. I am using the newest free version. Anyone who has had this problem and knows how to fixed it, your advice would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the forums dossrodsr.

May I ask, exactly what it is you are doing? ConvertXtoDVD is a program designed to convert various types of video files to dvd format. I haven’t heard of anything called VSO Convert4x.

If this is in fact ConvertXtoDVD, have you tried making the program output to the hard drive, and then burning the dvd-video with ImgBurn? ImgBurn is a free burning program, and easily the best available.

Also, the free version of ConvertX will put a watermark in the video that is not removable. If you want a free alternative that produces higher quality dvd-video let me know.


Just a suggestion, Use a DvD-RW until you figure it out. A least your not wasting DvD’s.



I have used this program for years and no problems. Try setting your burn speed down to 6x. What media are you using? When you are using this program don’t do anything else on your computer, convertx uses alot cpus when running.