If it’s any consolation … we’ve had 38deg C days here … since it’s only 15 days until summer … and apparently it’s been snowing in a few places :stuck_out_tongue:

No consolation whatsoever :p. Mind you, 38C sounds a bit hot for me.

Wassup? Not a great deal.

I have to phone my ISP to find out why they’ve closed my mailbox, which is slightly annoying.

Oh, and I’m loving this cold weather (sorry Dee) :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it’s to late to advise using a powered (preferably cordless) screwdriver :stuck_out_tongue:

As for me, not much except everyday that I have had off work the past 2 weeks it’s either been cold or raining. Wouldn’t bother me but I need to get a good coat of wax on my Blazer before winter and hook up my amp and speakers in it and I don’t have a garage. :sad:. Also, I have to work Thanksgiving Day for the 3rd straight year (only good thing about it is I get paid for 32 hours instead of 12).

Maybe you checking your e-mail was using too much bandwidth and slowing down their servers :eek:.

Hehehehe…nah, just been on the phone to them - seems like a cock-up at their end, all fixed now :wink:

Unfortunately, furniture manufacturers tend to save costs by making fixing plates as small as possible, resulting in clearances that even 5yr old children would have difficulty turning a small handled screwdriver … assuming they could …

That said, the vast majority of the screws were self-tapping, and hence required some elbow grease to get in, so I flattened both of my drills (fully charged) batteries relatively quickly, leaving me in elbow grease upto my neck.

Internet Explorer freezes on contact with Windows Update. I dont know why I even go there.

All evidence suggests you are … using Microsoft software.

Searching around for an appropriate thread for this and I ran across WASSUP?

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind
…and involves a lot of Dutch, 150 helium balloons, a small digital camera, and a remote made out of a security camera release, giving you a shot each 12 seconds.

(Couldn´t find the “bored” threads, of which there usually seem to be more than enough)