Tell us all about what’s happening in your life! The good, the bad, the ugly … probably, uh, keep the pornagraphic stuff to yourself … but feel free to discuss anything else:

Girls, boys, religious dilemnas, political dilemnas, family breakups, interesting things from your nose, how much you love/hate your job, issues with other people buying the wrong items for you - especially mothers/grandmothers and the 15ft long socks, the fervously religious woman in your apartment block that commonly yells her prayers “Oh god, oooooh God, OOOOH GOD”, or just your collection of belly button lint sorted by individual colours :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatever it is, wassup?

Currently I’m annoyed by the dimwits in Brussels.

currently I’m again in multitasking mode :eek:

You will have to be slightly more specific :wink:
Which dimwits & why?
Have you been sending annoying messages via the memory intensive Trillian again?

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I could rant for hours-eh!

Now I’m curious what stupid things he’s done now … but you don’t want to dominate the thread, eh?

I’m just plain confused…girls…:doh:

Car had flat tyr in driveway this morning before I took kids to school .:a took 2 hours to get rusty jack to work .Worst thing finding lifts to get children to school so late.:a every one has left that time.
Got my wheel changed myself being left handed winding wrong way.:a
Could have driven in the road and stood help less lee :eek: some poor suker would have stoped to give assistance.wouldnt do that to anyone ,because I knew what I was in for.serves me right for not maintaining car accessories . Computer cames first.:slight_smile:

Well it official…i’m ready for the holiday season…I just got back from taking my mom to branson the old people vegas …all the shows were christmas music…and we shopped til we dropped and then went to a show or 2 got back to the hotel every morning around 2 and was up …dressed and out every morning by 8…i’m soooo glad to be home now and have a few days to rest before going back to work…

Now after 4 DAYS of not knowing whats going on
HELL anything GREAT happend.OR am I wasting My
time reading all your posts :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

MAYBEE I must resusitate an old post :bigsmile:

Aww fine … I’m aching as I’m typing.

I finally managed to get my damn PC desk after 5 weeks … I got a refund from the mob which was supposed to be getting it in … and went to one of their fellow stores & got it that day :stuck_out_tongue:

After following the instructions intently (left & right parts were labelled L & R) and about 3 hrs I finally managed to get the damn thing together … there must have been 100 damn screws & bolts … arrrrgh! And toward the end, after all your muscles are tired, they make you turn screws into metal poles … urgh!

Then to top it off … after it’s complete … the keyboard drawer is … ugh … round the wrong way … despite the labelling.

I guess chinese labellers don’t know L from R … “Flied Lice!”

So I had to undo 12 screws upside down while holding the entire drawer up …then I had to turn it around … and do them all up again while holding the damn drawer up.

After all that, I had to move my 2xPC’s, UPS & all the other junk to the new desk …

The best part was moving my HUGE old desk which was 4 large planks of wood bolted together crudely … weighing 1/2 a ton (I’m not kidding) … out of the room, through the lounge, down the building corridor & down a set of stairs to the garage so we can get it picked up for disposal … urgh …
I’ve decided women are absolutely no help when moving heavy items …
Me:" Don’t let it go … it’ll slide down the stairs & crush me"
Sigot: "I’ve lost my grip"
Me: “Arrrrrrrrggh”

Needless to say, after the thorough abuse through the ordeal … two days later … I’m still lurching … more than normal … due to aches, pains & sprained muscles in a general locale, or more to the point … every muscle is sprained.

pic pic pic :slight_smile:

Just went out to meet a friend at Starbucks for the evening.
She had her crack-berry with her. God, those things are annoying.
She spent the whole evening messing about with the crack-berry and having major concentration lapses while trying to hold a conversation.
Annoying, annoying, annoying.


Lol How rude!
Next time you go to meet her … take a pack of cards … and just when the conversation is going well … pluck them out & start playing solitaire :wink:

I’m kind of used to people using crack-berries at work, and just stopping mid conversation because they have an email that can’t possibly wait for 33 seconds, and is so important that they have to be ignorant…
Then again, it’s usually people from our marketing department, so they may just be like that normally :rolleyes:

Marketting people are in a world of their own :iagree:
When I figure out where that world is … I’m using intergalactic nukes on it.

Marketting people piss me off … explaining anything beyond 1+1= 2, and it’s like talking to a female teenager.

Marketter: “Now where were we?”;
Intelligent person (explains concept);
Marketter: “Uh huh, uh huh, that’s a great spin, but I’m doing it my way”;
Intelligent person: “But your way makes no sense, and is an outright lie in any case”;
Toggle(Phone use).
#goto Start;

Next time bring a camera and take a picture (flash!) every time she access that damn little thing. If she gets annoyed tell her it’s no difference of being rudely interrupted by that crack-berry.

I hate people who think they constantly should listen to machines.

I’m having a moan about the weather. Its wet and cold, or cold and wet. No daylight until 8am and dark again by 4:15pm. I hate winter and its not even here yet. And did i mention the cold and wet weather? aaaaaaaarrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhh

Please let me know, as I would like to be part of the attack force. :iagree:

Hey, I was never [I]that[/I] dumb as a teenager… Marketing people are in a different league altogether. Our Marketing VP at work is such an idiot that other VPs refer to the guy as “ADD Barbie”

I like that idea… :clap: I could also wait until she starts talking and then begin recording movie clips of her with the camera, playing them back and sniggering annoyingly to myself.

I may test it out on some marketing people, in a pre-launch concept, focus group type scenario to see how truly annoying it is. :bigsmile: