Washup of GSA-4167B

Ok, I was just wondering what the washup of the 4167B burner is. Is it as good as the 4163B burner? And how does it stack up to the newer burners from LG?
I’m quite happy with mine.

Yeah I think it’s a good burner if you dont get power supply compatability problems with it. Once I got those issues sorted out with my 4167B it was a very good burner. Unfortunately a lot of people have had to upgrade their PSU’s or resort to extra-capacitor trickery to get theirs to work properly and that’s not too cool. :frowning:

I’m one of the lucky 4167 owners with no PSU etc problems - very happy with it. IMO not as good as the 4163, but comes pretty close.

However, I’d bear in mind uart’s comments above :iagree:

Same goes for me.

And me, its a great drive. And extremely quick!

No PSU problems for me either. If LG meant this drive as the successor to the 4163B, it’s burn quality is certainly up to it. The only one catch this drive has is that it absolutely hates TYG01 discs. Every other media code is ok.

My 4167 only likes my T01 media at 2x-ish, on this PC at least - resulting scans look great though. Haven’t tried the drive on my main PC yet. :wink:

Yeah I have found that the 67B hates, or barely tolerates, TYG01’s.

I have had a few problems with my LG, and think it ‘could’ have been to do with the power supply I used to have, but it had been running fine for well over 6 months without any problem, then I had a few but I think it was more to do with a few other things as well. I also feel that people dont think the PSU is as important as it is and every box needs something good powering it. :iagree:

That aside, I would get another one in a heartbeat as I am very impressed with it compared to the other burners I have had, the ‘only’ let down I feel is the lack of the scanning ability that I have got covered with the LiteOn.

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