Washing discs with water



ok i read on other posts that some of you think it’s a bad idea cleaning discs with water, but i wash my video games under running cold water and they seem ok. so whats wrong with getting discs wet?


I think they are more referring to blank media, not pressed. Pressed discs are more likely to survive a bath.


I agree.


If you use water I would be careful because especially in some city waters there are alot of iron deposits which can scratch your disks. I just use a little squirt of window cleaner and a very soft cloth to clean all my disks pressed ones not blanks.


Using ‘Window cleaner’ might be a bad idea, since the ones I know of contain chemicals such as acids to get glass clean.

Washing up liquid should be a safer detergent.


use a good quality camera lens cleaner, if OK for a sensitive coated camera glass lens it should be fine for any DVD/CD. If you clean your DVD like a high quality camera lens you will not go wrong.


I’ve been cleaning cd’s with tap water for two years now and never had a problem.


i agree…washes the crap out of the scratches well…i do it all the time


Some cities have very “hard” tap water. If you find the taste of your tap water to be very metallic or smelling of chlorine then I’d use a touch more detergent to lubricate the surface of the disk you are cleaning.


Careful handling and storage of discs from the beginning will eliminate the need for cleaning… :slight_smile:

Once you let dirty discs in your reader/burner, the contamination can spread and eventually muck up the mechanism and get stuff on other clean discs. When you see all the crap and “kid goo” on rental DVDs it makes one wonder how the damn things can play at all.

No rental disc goes in my player without a good cleaning first – water works fine here. (If the grime isn’t water-soluble, back the disc goes to the rental agency!) Make sure water doesn’t get into the hub’s inner lamination gap, where it could weaken the bonding adhesive or leak inside the drive. Use something soft, lint/oil-free to dry it off with; paper towels often have trace amounts of oil which can cause smudges…

My 2c worth…


But as already pointed out, not everybody’s tap water is exactly like yours. “Hard” water or water with a high mineral content can definitely be bad for your discs.

I clean slight smudging by breathing on the disc and wiping with a camera lens cloth (if the disc is important to me) or with my shirt (if it isn’t very important to me).

For very dirty discs… well, I don’t let my discs get that dirty! Geez!


LOL…i do the same…b4 it goes into the dvd-rom…:open_mouth:

the water here is fairly well filtered…i know places where u can smell the sulfur…:open_mouth: