Was working fine ... now "Choose different destination"?

My 1Click was burning DVDs with DVD43 fine for months. Since upgrading my CPU a while back, it’s stopped. Now it tells me my burner is not available and I must choose a different destination.

The burner works fine in other windows programs. I can make and copy CDs perfectly with Nero.

What can I do to get 1Click to see the drive properly again?

Uninstall it…remove all traces of it with a registry cleaner and then reinstall it.
For registry cleaner freeware try here:

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Thanks for the expedient reply! I’ve got Norton SystemWorks and WinDoctor which I’m pretty sure tidies the registry and I trust. Will that do the trick?

That’s great…use these tools. Best of luck. :wink:

I uninstalled and ran a registry clean. I restarted, reinstalled, and I am getting the same problem.

1Click names the drive and firmware the same as my device manager.

Any other ideas?

Reselect the drive(s) in the 1Click options .
Even though they may appear correct ,
reestablishing this path sometimes does the trick

/ ‘drop-down’ > re select

P.S. it might be time to dump DVD43 and give AnyDVD a try .
If all else fails , :iagree: Try AnyDVD !!!

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Hey audiovisceral,
I had the same problem a couple weeks ago. The solution seems to be that the Pat-Couffin Driver is installed incorrectly. I want to ask first are you only getting a choose hard drive selection in the pull down menu? If so then there is a 90% chance that you the driver is the culprit. I got this directly from Lgsoftwareinnovations. If uninstalling and reinstalling didnt work. The next option is to download copy to dvd which is the free software that should have come with your package and install or reinstall it. This should delete the Pat-Couffin driver and reinstall a fresh one. If that doesnt fix the problem I would give Lg software an email they were really helpful when i had my problem.