Was there Possibly a problem with beta



Hello Again
Hoping this is not an item dealt with previously
I tried a back up today using beta, using first - Full Disc and then trying Main Movie!
I received the error message " Task_! Failed error = 300" (is this reading error??
I got around it using NO brain power other than to update to which run as sweet as the proverbial nut.
As I’m using Vista now :sad::stuck_out_tongue: I wondered if it was me or if there was a Known hiccough.
Best wishes to the group hoping our American friends are not suffering TOO much from the weather they are having!!!
Respects Clive


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[I](/me wonders whether there is something about DVD Fab users that causes them to omit the actual software title?)[/I]


Sorry imkidd57 —
I am suitably reprimanded,:sad:
It was a mistake of memory more than an intent
The title was – a retail bought copy of – Atonement
Will Try and be a good boy in future, but seriously I agree it should be obvious that such information can be a prime factor in the equation:bow:
Again my Apologizes