Was the 68 for the policeman or the dog

Maybe you ought to shut down this thread. It’s getting a bit hot here. I really can’t stand being lectured by a holier than thou German with a short memory, how convenient it must be. Here in the U.S. we have a saying: [I]People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones[/I]. Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

I love those kinds of post where someone announces that their presence will no longer grace the thread for whatever reason. “Ok”. Withdrawal noted.

I’m amazed everytime there is a shooting in schools or the like in america. Not that it happens, that’s hardly unexpected. What baffles me is, wouldnt someone after these things happen stand up and ask “gee, could it be because even babies can get hold of weapons?”

This isnt directly related to the guy shot with 40000 bullets in this thread, but it’s related to the general attitude. An attitude that says “guns solve problems”. Well, they dont.

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Thats directed towards the recent school-shootings, which wouldnt have taken place if there werent weapons everywhere. As I wrote in the third paragraph earlier.

I think we have just had another…some guy took a gun into an Amish school and killed three kids.

That was the third one that everyone has been talking about.

This was obviously done by a sick man. I think people have a misconception on just how easy or difficult it is to get a gun in the U.S. This was done in a very rural area where hunting is a way of life. The U.S. is a vast country and up ‘til just over a hundred years ago a large part of the country was wilderness or real back country. Hunting is a way of life here. Hunting rifles and shotguns are fairly easy to buy here but handguns are very difficult. To buy a handgun (legally) you must have a permit. To get a permit you have to take a safety course and apply thru your local and State police. The paperwork is sent to the FBI and a background check is done and if you have a clean record and a safety certificate, you can get a permit. To buy a pistol you must show your permit and fill out forms in triplicate, it takes approx. 1/2 hr. for the paperwork. Your pistol is then issued, but before then, with all new pistols, a bullet is fired and kept on file by the FBI, so that any bullet fired from that gun can be identified. If you ever decide to sell that pistol, you and the buyer must fill out a bill of sale and the seller must keep a copy of the bill of sale [I]for the rest of his life[/I] (seriously). So it is not as easy as you think. Of course all of that goes out the window for [I]illegal[/I] guns. Criminals are not bound by the law.
This country has 300 million people and a tiny percentage are sickos. I don’ think it is much different than anyplace else. For every Switzerland there is a Somalia, extremes on both ends. The U.S. has the most pervasive media in the world, if a baby farts it make the news somewhere. When something terrible happens it is broadcast ad nauseum, world outlets broadcast it and if they are prone to be critical of America they make it sound like the fall of decadent Rome. You shouldn’t take such trajedies and try to make political/rascist statements out of them. Most of the time they are caused by sick, sociopathic individuals and trying to turn that into a political statement because maybe you don’t like our president is just not reasoned thinking.
When I hear stuff like “typical American answer” it just sets me off. I am not an NRA member, most Americans are not. I find their politics a little too right leaning for my tastes. So to brand all Americans with that type of comment is just plain ignorant and insulting, a little like calling all Germans Neo-Nazis because I see a couple of videos a year showing rallies in Germany. Anyone with a brain know that these are fringe people and don’t represent the average German. So do me a favor and don’t make assumptions about us when you see a sensationalize news report.

All of the people involved in these incidents; the police officer, the accused, the students and the hostage takers in schools, have one thing in common. They lost their lives (whether you consider them to be good or bad people) and have family and friends who will mourn them, and are no doubt suffering and feeling pain. This has nothing to do with nationality - killings happen in all countries; we had a school shooting in Montreal, Canada recently and are considered a “low gun crime” country.
These events are tragic and should be treated with respect.

Rest in Peace.

I can tell you in the south not all the things you said are true about buying a handgun, that is the reason that so many people from up north come down here to buy them.

I think whats sad here is many things

Since when do the law enforcement make the decision to impose justice? After all there job is to protect and servce not to just protect and serve their on…Its a shame here in my area…yes had someone killed a cop they would have gone after him with all man power…but yet just an ordinary person…it most of the time goes unsolved…

and yes i do belive that the man who was shot…geeze 68 hits…come on thats like OVER kill…from trained swat teams…

and yet both people leave behind family and friends who will forever be changed…

just sad all the way around

Well, its also sad that someone can kill hookers and poor people and noone notice, with the case being solved sometimes, but as soon as a suburban housewife is killed, you see it on CNN, MSNBC, and just about every other huge news station. Even though their lives arent that great, dont they deserve the same attention? Dont they deserve the justice system? Yes, the cops may have been protecting their own. Yes, 68 shots was extreme. Yes, that man had a family. But you know what? He decided to sacrifice his family the moment that he shot that cop. He might have well just said “You know, Im going to go to prison or die for doing this…I dont consider my family being worth not shooting this man for.” He didnt care about his family, as do few people who commit crimes like this. If you do something, knowing for a fact that it will separate you from your family and they will be hurt emotionally, then you have forsaken them for your own selfishness.

Since the time we allowed them to arm themselves to defend ourselves against evildoers.

It’s the age old paradox: “What are we fighting for? For peace!” We all want to be safe and secure and some nations expect to have their government look out for them.

Wether or not it’s against the law, any human with the right (wrong?) mindset and tools to back him/her up will defend themselves.

As Airhead already stated the general world opinion is that it is incredibly easy to get a gun in the United States. Therefore “we from those other countries” think “it’s your own damn fault”. You’re all a bunch of cowboy’s! :slight_smile:

After all there job is to protect and servce not to just protect and serve their on…Its a shame here in my area…yes had someone killed a cop they would have gone after him with all man power…but yet just an ordinary person…it most of the time goes unsolved…
I guess that’s priority.


I’m staying out of this one.

I don’t know the story … I regret the loss of human life in all cases … I resent the fact that someone shot up a police officer I resent the fact that the police shot up a guy without a trial to determine he was actually the guilty party.

Judge, Jury & Executioner. Who polices the police?

Don’t resent it. Sometimes you don’t need a jury to determine reasonable doubt. In many cases there is doubt, not this one. No, not anyone suggests this guy was innocent. There were witnesses to his crime and he had the dead cops gun and wouldn’t put it down. I feel sorry for any of his family members, but he’s dead. Good, he’s not out on bail where he can hurt someone else.

Thats another, to me, absurd curiosity, bail. Hey, I killed four thousand people, but I’m Bill Gates so I’ll just pay my way out and escape to some bizarre country in asia. But I’ll suffice with saying I find it strange and peculiar. :flower:

I keep hearing about how many rounds were fired. “Shoot to stop the threat.” If you have a SWAT team of 10-20 officers, and they all fire until the suspect is no longer able to kill them, you are going to fire a lot of rounds. For the person who said america is all about “shoot first ask later:” You will never have to think in your head “He has a gun, do I shoot him? He could kill me right now, but if I shoot first I will loose my job and be cruicfide by the media. Is it worth defending my self?” You cant say the officers shot first when the suspect had already killed one of their own.

Nice necro on this thread Brady :slight_smile:

I think everyone has missed the big picture in this incident. Everyone in the SWAT team needs to be fired & banned from ever using a gun for the rest of their lives on this planet. If you think that is extreme , then YOU are dead WRONG!!

I have a CCW & have to re-qualify EVERY 6 months at 25, 100, 200 yards on a range. My groupings have to be bang on in a tight pattern even at the max range to keep my CCW. My test examiner over the last 30 years tests private citizens & the police & he has forced hundreds of people lose their jobs indefinitely due to their failure to meet standards.
I told him about this article & he told me that those SWAT team members need to be stripped of their weapons for life since a massive SWAT team doesn’t need to fire over 100 rounds to disable ANY individual, regardless of the situation. He has access to more info than what was released to the public & he stated that the police showed disgusting abilities & should never have been issued weapons. Their poor techniques were disgusting.
Yes, it is sad that both the officer & dog were killed but that does not negate the fact that the SWAT team performed extremely poorly. All supervisors up the chain he said should also be fired or put in prison for allowing such despicable performance.