Was the 68 for the policeman or the dog

LAKELAND, Florida (AP) – Officers fired 110 rounds of ammunition at the man suspected of killing a sheriff’s deputy, according to an autopsy and records released by the sheriff’s office Saturday.

Angilo Freeland – who was suspected of fatally shooting the deputy after being pulled over for speeding Thursday – was hit 68 times by the SWAT team members’ shots, the examination showed.

He also was suspected of wounding a deputy and killing a police dog.

Good, hopefully he rots forever in the deepest levels of hell.

So if someone is suspected of killing someone, he deserves to be shot 68 times and rot in hell?

That would sure save a lot of money and time in the legal system!

Somehow I like the idea of a legal process with lawyers, judges and juries better than this approach.

According to the new terrorism law Mr President Bush signed: yes

According to sanity: Not really

Somehow I like the idea of a legal process with lawyers, judges and juries better than this approach.
Be careful what you wish for :slight_smile:

God bless the U.S. of A :Z

You guys didnt get the whole story. That whole case was about 20 miles from my recent home in Florida. He did shoot the dog and the police officer, and killed them…


His fingerprints matched those found in the driver area of the car, that night. He shot that deputy, and he shot the dog. And the law enforcement knew it. Plus, if you had read the news stories, you would have seen that before they started shooting, the officers saw him drawing a gun out. What were they supposed to do, say “Please dont shoot at us, just come out so we can arrest you.”? I maintain my view that the Ahole should burn forever. And another piece of evidence: The man was found with the police officers gun, and another gun. See below link:

Yes I do not feel sorry for this man just look at the picture of the police officer and his dog that he killed. The people I feel sorry for are the family members of the police officer. 110 shots fired seem like a lot but he had days to just step out of his hiding place and give up. If the 110 shots prevented any other police dogs from being shot then that’s good enough for me not to mention another police officer getting hurt.

Heck, the police officer who was killed had a wife and kids. The wife was celebrating her birthday the day of her husband being killed. Helluva birthday present, finding out that your spouse was killed by an @#%@#^ who just wanted to be an $#@#%@.

Your damned right! I’ll ignore your sarcasm. I suppose in peaceful Germany the police wouldn’t shoot a cop killer who jumps out of a car with the dead officer’s gun. You should think before you open your mouth. The same with the rest of you that thought this was the appropriate time to make a political statement. What the f*ck did this have to do with Bush? :a May the killer rot in hell who killed a career police officer and left a widow and fatherless children.

Guilty until proven innocent, the american way.

How can a man, who you know has shot and killed a police officer, killed a K-9 Unit dog, shot another police officer, and has a gun ready to fire at SWAT team members be proven innocent? You can all make fun of America for as long as you want, but if youre going to you need to take time to look at your own countries. I would like to know why so many people are defending this creep, even though you have the news, you have the facts that say he not only killed the cop, but he was PULLING A GUN to shoot at the SWAT. Not only was it a gun, it was the same gun that he took from the police officer that he killed. Damn, I would have shot him a hundred more times, just to know that he was dead and there was no chance for him.

First of all, this information wasn’t available in the first post, and you can’t expect people to react based on all the information that is available on the Internet if you look hard enough. People react to what has been posted before their own post, and you cannot expect more.

Secondly, the fact that you ask that question shows the need to have a legal system that separates the application of law into separate entities such as law enforcement, prosecution, defense etc.

It is never acceptable for law enforcement to bypass the rest of the system and act as judge, jury and executioner.

Law enforcement officers (e.g. police) are allowed to use necessary force to protect themselves and others from suspects, but they are not allowed to carry out their own death sentences.

The 110 shots fired by the SWAT team makes me think it’s likely that there was more than just self-defense involved in this shooting - the SWAT team might very well have been carried away by their own desire to punish the suspect. I wasn’t there so I can only speculate on this.

Just because someone is guilty doesn’t mean that it’s OK for the police to bypass the legal system and carry out their own sentencing and punishment. In order to protect the innocent, its necessary to also protect the guilty by assuming that they are innocent until they are proven guilty. The reverse doesn’t work for a community based on law and justice.

The fact that the person(s) killed have a family doesn’t in any way make it OK for the law enforcement officers to take the trial and sentencing into their own hands.

No one is saying anything against due process of the law, but when someone kills a cop and jumps out of a car with his gun, then he got what he deserved. If he stayed in the car and put his hands on his head and waited for the police to approach, he would have received all the due process that is afforded him under the law. However, it seems that maybe people here are more interested in bashing “the great satan.” As if these things don’t go on in other countries.

typical ‘american’ answer :clap:

So, Angilo Freeland didn’t have a family? Did not have a career?
Oooops, sorry about that, black-skinned in the US are always the bad guys without a proper job, I forgot that.

Even having killed an officer and his dog still does not justify shooting over a hundred bullets at him…

Shoot first, ask later. Again, the American way.

Then I hear a different story in the news. 2nd rampage shooting in a US school.

But you all love your NRA :iagree: and never even think about changing gun laws that are hundreds of years old :disagree:.

Indeed it wasn’t.

But hey, i would kill the guy as well. But i would not require a huge volume of 68 bullets to accomplish that. Either the cops are extremely crappy shooters or they wanted to get rid of some agression in their system by turning the target into a bloody pulp. Can i guess? May i guess?


3rd… bring’em on!

Are you an idiot? I believe that you are. You not only keep insulting Americans, thinking there is nothing wrong with Germany, you set the standard for idiots in my book. You brought race into an argument that has nothing to do with it. I dont know where you get your information, but African American people in this country arent treated poorly in this country, as I am sure that Jewish people arent treated poorly in your country anymore. Yes, shoot first and ask later IS the American way when a man is pulling a gun to fire at you. Of course we love the NRA. And we all thank Germany for the fine weapons it supplies for us. Ever heard of Heckler&Koch? They are pretty big in Germany I believe. I bought a USP Compact that was made by them, it really is a fine weapon.

And to Mr. Belvedere, Im not sure whether they were bad shots or venting anger. I would like to think bad shots, but venting anger seems to be the cause. Personally, when I think about it, I wouldnt have shot that many either. Just enough to kill him.

No personal insults, please people.

Very sorry Arachne. It just makes me mad when someone claims things about racial issues that they obviously know nothing about. Ill try my best to hold my insults in next time.