Was preview feature removed?

OK, the interface has been stripped down to better mimic Windows 8.

Along with the decision to keep most essential disc information out of sight, was the video preview feature also removed? I can’t seem to find it, and it’s not like the new, stripped-down version of the software has many places to hide something like that.

So, yeah., if it matters.

teh roxxors

I believe it is still there,make sure you have the file or disc loaded first.

It stands to reason the discs are loaded.

Can anyone point me to where the preview feature went? Maybe a screen shot?

Please be aware that I have to ask because “preview” no longer appears in the software’s online help files.

Just to the left of the Title selections there is a play button. Mouse over there and it will appear.

Here you go,mine crashed when I pressed on it but maybe you will have better luck

Gotta love the Windows 8 design philosophy . . . .

Thank you, bean55. I missed the new preview button because I hadn’t accidentally put the mouse over a specific title, which causes the button to appear on screen.


I did not get a crash, but I would like to share what I did get:

That half inch image is the preview. Sure would be nice if it fit the preview pane, or if I could resize it, somehow.

Ah ha! Time for more accidental discovery!

If you double-click the tiny video clip, it will switch to full screen play mode. Then, if you press ESCape, the video drops back down to fit the player:

So, there you have it. The new preview feature.

This is running on my old Windows XP rig. I freaking love Windows XP.

Wow, that is a bit crazy! :iagree:

Thanks for taking the time to post that workaround though as I’m sure that will be useful to others.


Just makes you wonder what else we are missing by not rolling the mouse all over our screens to find the hidden gems ?