Was George Orwell right?

Did old Georgie Orwell predict the future or was he just a guy with a lot of imagination when he wrote 1984?

well…nostradamus did the same kinda things and some of his predictions were crap so i would say orwell had a litle bit of both…insight and imagination…:slight_smile:

Orwell beats Nostradamus… Bring in the Tri-pots
(…eh oh wait… that was Wells… ;))

I don’t think he actually predicted the future, but rather how it will be, could be (or is it already) if the people totally stand down and are afraid of their government. Since technology was in its infancy when he wrote it, 1949, he had an imagination and took it for all its worth.

i love 1984 and think Orwell was a brilliant author with incredible insight into the possibilites, but i don’t think he predicted the future by any means. first of all, he’s more than 20 years off already :wink:

keep in mind that he also wasn’t the only one with that type of broad sweeping commentary on the progress of society…especially during the post WWII cold-war era.

ray bradbury’s FAHRENHEIT 451
joseph heller’s Catch-22
aldous huxley’s A Brave New World
and Terry Gilliam’s visionary film Brazil

all point to the detrimental effects of censorship, government influence/control and society’s “sheep” mentality in general.


good overview.

London has 500 000 CCTV cameras on lights and rooftops and poles around the city. Coupled with computerized facial and license plate recognition software big brother certanly knows what you are doing. But I do not worry that we will turn into Orwells vision, not unless some new Hitler rises to power in Britain.
In fact I would like some cameras on the streets.

The facial recognition software handles 20 persons per second. Impressive!

[u]Your Guide to New York’s Spycams[/u]: Bill Brown may be paranoid, but he knows exactly who’s watching him: pretty much everybody. The freelance legal proofreader’s free walking tours of New York City go way beyond art deco buildings or places Henry James wrote about. In 12 Manhattan neighborhoods, from the Lower East Side to Harlem, Brown guides groups to surveillance cameras, pointing out the spots where Big Brother is most fraternal.

but is completly usless if the person is wearing sunglasses.

weve just had cameras installed were we live, they dont both me so long as they can`t see through my bedroom curtains then they can stay.

exactly ako, as long as the cameras aren’t IN my house/apt etc. i don’t care.

It was the past… sometime, some place it is the present and for sure it will be the future in some parts of the world.

Time to worry about 2084, not 1984.

I’ll not worry about that date. :eek:

That’s why we have to worry.

Big brother is present and he’s not gonna stop. His goal is to uniform us all, and adapt us to believe in his reality. It’s really all about fighting back.