Was external, now internal GSA-2166D

Someone gave me a new external GSA-2166D. Not having a USB 2.0 port on my PIII-800, I opened it up, removed the GSA-4166B drive, installed it as secondary master, and successfully burned a movie from my direcTiVo last night. Haven’t made a coaster yet! Just one question for a DVD noob:

WinXP reports it as a 2166D, label says 4166B v.1.00. Which firmware should I use? Speed is obviously not my top priority, since I’m using a P3. I just need reliable recording.


Hi & welcome :slight_smile:

As long as it’s identified in the BIOS and Windows as a 2166D, that’s the firmware you should use (1.01 is the latest you’ll find on the LG support site, I think). If you dig around the LG DVD Burner Forum however, you’ll find that you can crossflash to 4166D 1.02 - at your discretion.