Warrior Kings **smoked** w/ plex 24x

well this is the latest game that i have managed to backup with my internal plex 24x firmware 1.04…tried burning the game in SAO RAW but the game did not pass the SD check in my 56x afreey cd rom…nevertheless, burned again in DAO RAW and the game started up quite nicely!!!

to view the profiles i used copy and paste the link below and delete the asterics:


game protected by two protections from what i read; determines where you live…laserlock and safedisc

this one was protected by SDv2.51.021

please feel free to add “your” results with this game and with any writer too!!!

and is everyone being able to access the pic??

This game only have laserlock protection. No internet check is present. The plex burn this game without problems in DAO RAW mode.Have no tested other ways to backup this game. Speed is not important. It takes about an hour to be read and 5 min to be burned.

i have not came across a “laserlock” protected game…hopefully i will soon…nevertheless, i cannot wait for the latest SafeDisc!!!