Warranty Void Label (jpg attachecd)

Just got a LVW-5027HC+ (Manufactured Dec 2005!!!) and was wondering if this is the standard Liteon warranty label or are there other versions also used??

ps There is still no firmware update available…Considering the manu date should I be worried? (I have yet to find any major flaws in it)


Am not sure if it’s standard, but that label is identical to the one that’s on my Lite-On 1107HC1 DVD recorder.

Going by the warranty label, it looks to be ok (looks identical to the one on my LVW-1105HC+). Generally if a warranty label is removed, the word ‘VOID’ will become visible several times through the white middle part of the label.

With a manufacture date that old, be sure to keep your receipt of purchase as this is generally more important than the date of manufacture. Generally a warranty on most products starts from the date you purchased the product, so if let’s say you bought the DVD recorder in September, then it should be covered under warranty until the same date in September next year. However, should a fault develop, you will likely need to go back to your shop along with your receipt.

Thanks for the reply Sean… As you can see the label is slightly torn courtesy of my 2 year old picking at it to see what it was!, I don’t think it will be there very long if she decides she wants it…just wish they would put it on the back… Anyway bought it online so I will report it to Manu if it goes faulty (I have read they give 2 yrs warranty but can’t find it in the manual - Do you know for sure?)


2 yrs warranty for the UK only one year in the USA (I think).

it was on the side screw of my new LVW 5005, removed it to add heat sinks.

It’s the same with asus laptop?

sorry… i need 1 additional post to see attached picture