Warranty Terms

Dear All,

What exactly would void the warranty of a Liteon? It is stated that if we do a cross flash then warranty is void, how is that? what if after the cross flash, i flashed the original FW of the drive again, how would Liteon know that a crossflash happened before?
How about if i flashed the FB/EOHT/ertc… firmware, would this also void warranty?

I currently have DH-20A4P with 9P57, and not sure if i upgrade the
FW or with would void warranty?



Normally , upgrading your burner’s firmware to “official” firmware would not void the warranty , it is flashing to “unofficial” firmware that would

LiteOn would not know about it if you restored the original or another official firmware (I think) , but it is not ethical to RMA a burner that has been crossflashed :wink:

FB/EOHT are not “official” firmwares :slight_smile: