Warranty if changed to RPC-1?

Will there still be warranty on the drive if I change it to RPC-1?

If it’s not official firmware, kiss the warranty goodbye!

How would they know if you were able to change it back to official f/w before return under warranty ?

hmm…good idea, I never thought about that…

I just wonder has anyone ever had a drive not warrantied cause of after market FW? :confused:
I’ve never sent back a burner I never had to (lets hope I still don’t) :eek:. I’ve sent back many segate HD drives and I all ways take the CC offer. You know they send you one first. So it that the same way for burners? :confused:

I would be surprised to find out it was worth the companys time to find out.

If the firmware Eprom dies, then they can’t verify the last firmware used.
If the optical unit dies, then you should be able to flash back to official firmware.