Warranty Consequences


I’ve been looking for an answer to my question for over 1 hour now. But I couldn’t find anything but speed and quality tests.

I just bought a Benq DW 1620 Bulk (in Austria) and would like to update my firmware WITHOUT losing my 2 year warranty. So I guess the unofficial fireware upgrades should not be used.

But what about the B7P9 or the B7T9? On the Benq Webpage, they only appear on the page of the Benq DW 1620 Pro. But from the threads I’ve read I could see that you all use them with your regular Benq 1620.

OK - so I’d be glad if you could tell a quite new user regarding flashing and firmware updates:

For the Benq DW 1620 Bulk : take Firmware xxx if you don’t want to screw your warranty.

Thanx guys!


Ok, one more thing - I just read this here: http://www.cdfreaks.com/drive/firmware/1142

This firmware release has been sent to one of our members, buan, who, with permission of BenQ, made it public on our forum. You can download this version via this thread in our BenQ Forum. Discussions can also be done in that thread.

Thanks buan!

Does this mean - BenQ allows to flash this Firmware without voiding warranty?

If you want to keep the 2 year warranty, you can only flash your drive with a firmware starting with G7*9.

There will come a G7T9 for Benq oem.

The thread you are referring to is about "G"7P9 firmware and not "B"7P7.

The only difference between “G” oem and “B” Benq firmware are the name strings.

You will get the same excellent burn quality with a “G” firmware as a “B”.

I first burned with G7P9 from NU-Tech, before I voided my warranty and switched to B7P9.

The burn results were equel.

I doubt Benq or OEM seller will ever accept warranty claims when you have changed firmware from OEM to Benq.

ok thanx - so is the G7T9 offered on the page mentioned above an official update? I couldn’t find it on the Benq webpage (that’s why I’m asking)

thanx alot again

I have a NU DDW-163.

I got G7P9 from www.nu-global.com

B7T9 is just 3 days old. G7T9 will probably be released in a few days.

G7T9 in a few days … yeah … found one of that name at shuttle.com, posted Jan 27th there IIRC
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Just for the case someone here has this thread subscripted.

The G7T9 from shuttle.com is most likely the real deal for the Bulk drives. Shuttle is going to start offering the BenQ with a redesigned faceplate for a smoother, sexier look in their systems so they most likely got the new G firmware from BenQ already. G7T9 should match B7T9 burn for burn while keeping your warranty in-tact.

That would be great news for the OEM/bulk owners!