Warranty and patched firmware. idea



First of all, i want to apologyze about my english, isn’t very good jeje :bigsmile:

Well, i’ve bought a Liteon 832S (online shop), but it has to arrive on Monday. I’m thinking about use omnipatcher if i had bad results burning a kind of media.

If the drive fails and i had to use the warranty, i’d patch it with the original firmware. How can they know i updated the drive with a patched firmware?. I think there is a little rom that is used to do this, i mean, to know how many times the drive has been updated and what version (VS0A, VS0n, etc) has been installed, but i think they cannot know if the firmware i installed was a patched firmware, do they?.

Thank you very much.


Apparently - from what I have read on these forums - the drive keeps a record of the last 4-5 burns you do. So after reloading the original firmware you would want to do a few burns.

I’m in two minds about whether doing this morally correct:

  1. You play with the firmware you take the risk and void the warranty - bad luck if something goes wrong.

  2. If Liteon didn’t sell me a piece of crap in the first place I wouldn’t need to f%&k around with the firmware would I. So why should I suffer if something goes wrong.


Well, maybe i didn’t explained it very well.

If i broke the drive and it’s my fault, i’m not going to ask for any responsability. I’d use the warranty just if the drive had a manufacture defect, not if i broke it.