Warrant required before Feds can read e-mail

http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2010/12/appeals-court-warrant-required-before-feds-can-read-e-mail-mail.ars :clap:

I donโ€™t buy this. Information from any source can be used in the investigation of a crime. What is allowable in court is a completely different story. Wiretaps have been used for decades in crime investigation, i.e. listening to know where a criminal defendant may be going, and then arresting that person in the act . The court does not care how the police knew where you were, if you are found with a pound of cocaine or with stolen goods. I know this from reading the F.B.I. reports of my convicted clients when I processed then out of jail when their MRโ€™s (Mandatory Release) were coming up.

read my emails for sure read the ones I send to people in our government they never do.