WARNING! Xtreme 4X DVD-R Media

This Xtreme 4X DVD-R Media is sold at allmediaoutlet.com for $74 per 100 pack. I usually use Princo media but decided to try these. STAY AWAY from this media. I first tried to burn a PS2 image with a Pioneer 105 and Nero and recieved a “Power Calibration” error. Stomp RecordNow Max also gave a “Disc Read Error” when tring to burn. I also tried to use a TDK Multi Format burner and couldn’t burn these disc on it either. A rep from allmediaoutlet.com said that they have had lots of complaints about these discs and agreed to replace them with 4x Princo’s.

Hello. I have current experience with the extremely cheap XTREME brand 4X DVD-Rs and that is that THEY WORK and are VERY cost efficient. Keys:
I have the NEC ND-1300A DVD±RW (which is an AWESOME drive and a steal at $88 online!!) and am running WinXP Pro Corp Service Pack 1. I have Herrie’s hacked firmware update 1.7 (search the internet for “herrie NEC 1300 firmware”) BE SURE that your burner is hooked up to the SECONDARY MASTER ide channel as this is the most compatible setup. The Xtreme dvd-rs burn beautifully at 4x speed, and I have made quite a few successful full dvds (data and video) in under 21 minutes apiece. Email me if you have a question, as I found a very cheap and reliable source of DVD media (available at allmediaoutlet.com or blank-cd-cdr.com for about $.75 each) and have had success. sarum007@msn.com. cool, good luck, seeya later!

that’s very good to hear jean. i actually asked about these dvd-rs in another thread and i saw in another forum that someone else was having great success with these with their 1300A. would u mind conducting and posting some quality and scandisc tests in nero cd speed as well as posting the media id code?