<WARNING> when making a check with eac3to_v3.32

Hello, I have already several torn UHD and it is highly recommended at the end of the process to load the Bluray UHD to eac3to_v3.32 and do a Chek to check if the tear has a failure, because I find that several discs, once I have them in the hard drive, I check with eac3to_v3.32 and has many warnings and the disk is harmful, someone else happens? I paste the .log of the last disk that I have ripped and the warnings of my chek…
[a04] [1:31:54] The source file seems to be damaged (sync byte missing).

I would like someone else to check this and tell me if there is any solution.

log.txt (5.1 KB)

I have ripped and remuxed 47 titles to MKV and have found no issues. Jmone1 had some checksum issues with his rips, but determined it was being caused by the overclock on his computer. I am unaware of any other problems. Not sure how much I trust eac3to with UHD rips.

Yup - I’m still double ripping to be sure but I’ve not had an issue since backing off m Overclock.

Be sure to update to the latest version of eac3to. There was a bug in that version extracting HEVC video streams.

I have a few discs that give me this same problem. Typically I rip to ISO, then extract with eac3to. If I get errors like you have, I re-rip the disc. It seems to be an issue with an unclean disc for me. It could also be a decryption issue, as I’ve seen a couple discs that re-downloaded the BK.bin after waiting a few days and re-ripping.

Eac3to seems to have much better logging than MkvToolNix. I usually use eac3to to demux, and mkvmerge to mux. If you’re seeing ‘sync byte missing’ errors, re-rip the disc. If it continues, email Arusoft Support with the details.

Which version is the latest - eac3to 3.32?

As of this post, 3.34. You should always review the thread here for updates.

OK. Thanks for the link!

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