Warning to all Steam/Nvidia users!

Hey guys,
Just a friendly warning to all Steam/HL2/CS:S players. Do not update your Nvidia card drivers to 77.72. I did this when I got BF2, and when I tryed to use Steam, none of the newer games (HL2/CS:S ect) would load. Ketp saying that It couldn’t start my display setting and that it would use ‘Safe’ options. But still after that It didn’t work. So I reverted back to 77.30 and everything seems to work fine. According to Valve, there is an known issue with the 77.72 drivers and to use earlier set. Just thort I’d share this to save other users time/effort.


Cheers for the info, I was planning to upgrade, guess I wont if it will stop Battlefield 2 working.

nVidia often has problems with the latest version not working on games, for example once I couldn’t get FarCry to work with the latest nVidia drivers, all I did was installed the previous version, and it worked beautifully again.

Ben :slight_smile: