Warning! The drive is unable to report damaged sectors

This is the warning I get when using CDSpeed’s scandisk util (versions 3.55 or 3.61).

firmware thing or the drive really not capable of such scanning?

DW-1620 Bulk G7P9

Oh yeah! I’m seeing the same on my Philips 1640p, P2.5 firmware, CD/DVD Speed 3.61 …

Works for me with FW B7T9. I only did a surface scan, though…


works perfect with fw B7P9. Did file + surface scan.

Works from day 1 as i had the “chance” to have bad originals I wanted to backup.

Since then, no bad sectors on the discs I burnt…Should I start to worry :wink:

The question is not meaningless though. As the reading capability is above average, this drive reports less bad sectors than average readers would.
A workaround is to do quality scans at maximum speed or the highest speed commensurate with the quality of the media.

I have firmware B7P9 and I can do both file and surface scans in Nero CD-DVD Speed v3.61.

It does the test but I believe what it means is it wont report ANY damaged sectors just cruise right through with all green, probably unless it’s unreadable.
So you think your disk is perfect till something cant read it. I use my Litey 166 to do surface scans, it does support damged sector reporting, and my 1620 for quality testing.

BenQ 1620, firmware B7T9

You are scanning CD’s???
I think it this, the Benq does not support c2 errors and so SCANDISC does not work with CD’s!

Yeah, I just got the same warning message that bcn_246 got when I tried to do a surface scan on a data CD. If I use DVD media/discs for file or surface scanning, then I receive no warning message. I think GrrRon has hit it on the head! You can’t do surface scans on CD media with the BenQ DW1620 because it doesn’t support C2 errors.

Lol, that was it - what were the odds of me having a CD in the drive when I tried it? ; ).

100% ?