Warning: stupid newbie questions ahead



Hey everybody,
I have tried to read some of the posts here to make sure that these questions weren’t asked before. I am sure they have, but i am confused and probably a little stupid.

I am VERY new to this. I purchased a Smart and Friendly CD-R 8020. My system is a PII 266 with 128 MB RAM. I have installed the Adaptec software (easy CD creator v. 3.5c)
that came with the burner.

I have read nero this and cdrwin that and easy cd sucks this…

What is the best program for taking the audio off the cd and putting it on the HD?

What is the best program for burning said audio to a CD?

Are there any websites that have step-by-steps for stupid newbies like me?


First of all, your not stupid, just uneducated.

Nero is your best software to burn with and cdrwin is next in line (just my opinion).

If you want to rip tracks off of cd your best bet is audio cataylst. You can dl is from www.cdrsoft.net. It’s simple and easy to use and it also uses CDDB which i always thought was kinda cool. You can choose to rip to mp3 or wav. If your planning on burning that to a CD with little effort, you want to rip to .WAV format. Wav is basically an uncompressed mp3.

I burn a lot of Audio CD’s and in the past have used Easy CD creator. (Which is crap) Now I use Nero and it makes clean copies out of the wav files.

I dont really know about any sites for newbies but CDFREAKS is where I get all of my questions answered.


Try www.homepage.eircom.net/~aqik1/frames.html
It explains alot about all the CD-R software.
I use CDRWIN to burn my audio, althought Nero
is easier. I use Audiograbber (also at cdrsoft.net) to grab CD audio to .wav.
I use cooledit pro to rip old LP tracks to .wav through my sound card. Enjoy!


IMHO the easy cd creator is the best one for newbies. No advanced tweaking required just insert cd - copy - ready.

I agree it misses advanced features but easy cd always worked fine for me.

There is another fine audio ripper, WINDAC at www.windac.de

I can mail you the crack if you want to

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Hey Lord Incognita!

Just thought I’d shove my two-penneth in! I use Audiocatalyst. You can either get it from here at CDRSoft or from Audio Warez.

As for burning software, I have EasyCD Creator 4 (which I don’t use really), Nero and CDRWIN 3.8b. I found Adaptec’s offering easy to use as a newbee but realised quickly that it forsakes features for ease-of-use. For this reason I switched to Nero, which I now use for most of my burning. I find it a good balance between ease-of-use and feature-full.

Anyway, good luck with your burning!



Thanks for the help. I messed around with AC and after a few false starts I got a clean copy.


Not really that stupid…
I had a SAF and the adaptec software that came with it worked fine. (or at least it did what it was ment to do.) Yet I had to burn some CD’s @X2 or even X1. Nero BurningRom worked out the best over all with this writer. (But only after I down loaded the latest ASPI layer}
CDRWIN tended to suck.


Hi every1 !
I’d like to suggest BlindRead - latest version, it burned fine where other progs failed (got an HP 8100i plus, is that the reason?), only… The new version requires a registration, so if you find a key…
I didn’t yet - any help is appreciated.
Anyway, give it a try - 6 minutes to copy on HD TombRaider 4 and with no breaks is a good sign