WARNING: Re-record any SKY Media DVDs you have and dispose of the originals


Learn from my mistake…

I bought a 25-pack cakebox of SKY Media DVD -r disks a few months ago

They burnt fine in my Pioneer DVR-106 at the time so I thought all was OK…

Not so! In spite of storing these disks in individual ‘jewel’ cases away from sunlight/heat etc, only three month’s later I find they have all already gone bad and I have lost a lot of data :sad:

I bought another box recently, before I realised what had happened to to older ones… I am now copying all data from those disks onto good quality DVD media before throwing-away the originals. I would advise anybody with stuff burnt on Sky Disks to do the same quickly before you loose it (like I did)

This media can be used for very temporary storage only, or better still not at all

A freind of mine asked me to do a scan of his favorite media SKY burned with a Pioneer 106, the scan is done with my Plextor 712a. My Plex drive couldn’t compleate the scan cause of all the errors.

I never use cheap media… but I did a test just for fun to see how my Plex writes to SKY media… and I was suprised…my Plex handles it really good…
Look here to see the scan.


Just another example of why I have gone over to using only Taiyo Yuden media-


Me too… now :sad:

BTW The disks BURNT fine. I must admit I didn’t run any diagnostics on them but they could be read without any problem immediately afterwards… the problem is that they subsequently deteriorated REALLY quicky! :frowning:

Thanks for the warning. I burned 4 SKY DVDs three months ago when I was in between TY shipments… two of them are now unreadable towards the end of the burn even though they scanned fine when they were fresh. I was able to salvage most of my data, so I’m glad I checked those crappy discs now rather than another three months down the line.

Things like this is why I dont rely on just burned disc for back up anymore. I still burn backups on dvd periodically but I also use two seperate external hard drives to back up important data on.

Yo iss-

You are quite smart in doing that - I personally have a dedicated “D” drive that I backup to weekly-use the DVD’s pretty much for movie backups-


Sky Media is probabbly one of the worst produced crap around.
When i cant get TY or Verbatim(MCC) then i go and get TDK.
Tried Sky several times for testing and the results are horrible and not only on my SOHW832S and yes the Sky discs have a short live.

I have never bought cheap media but I have learned not to rely on ANY kind of CDRW. after loosing data a few times I finally ditched packet writing software for good.

Im thinking of buying some Sky media, I have been assured that the media code is TYG02; should I give it a shot?
They are VERY VERY cheap; @ 13 dollars for a spindle of 50 DVD-R 8x discs.

Thx for the info, :iagree: I’ll watch out for this brand! :rolleyes:

NO. They can’t possibly be Taiyo Yuden discs at that price. (If you got 10 genuine TY discs for $13au, you’d be getting a bargain. :wink: ) If they do have a TYG02 media code then it’s fake.

Yup, I for one won’t trust any disc with the TYG02 code unless it is on Taiyo Yuden’s own label. Way too many fake Taiyo Yudens out there with the TYG02 code.

Ahh, thanks for the info guys :slight_smile:

Thats pretty dodgy aye; bloody swindlers

Hehe common thing.
They try to make profit with fake ids.