WARNING Pioneer DVR-110D fw1.11 the same crap with CMC MAG AE1



I just updated my two Pio 110D with fw 1.11 and tried to burn again DATAWRITE TITANIUM DVD-R 8x (CMC MAG AE1). I had a coaster (or a dish for a tea cup if you prefer…) as soon the burn starts using Nero
So do not waste time and DVDs with this firmware if you have lots of CMC Mag Ae1… :Z :Z :sad:

later I will try ritek g05 8x and verbatim 16x dvd-r

PS: a little update about CMC MAG Ae1 issue: trying both 8x and 12x speed, 110D fw 1.11 creates coasters with the following error: unrecoverable reading error! burn failed at 8x/12x speed…


LOL @ Pioneer.

DVD-Writers nowadays should not have serious issues like this.


Since I am a very ostinate person, I suddenly wrote to Pioneer australian tech support asking for infos about this issue, because it’s absolutely not present in 109D model and it was a very well known problem since the first day people started to buy 110D!!! I’ll post their reply as soon as they give me one…


Using such an obsolete Nero version is just -useless-.


An obvious typo, I would suggest.


yes of course it’s a typo!
it’s nero v6.6.0.16!!! LOOOL!!!


And to solve this myth: Problem resolved with 1.17, not?!?