WARNING on Plex 716SA (SATA) burners

I was in a computer store today (in Europe) and wanted to buy a Plextor 716SA.

Even though they had several on the shelf, ready for sale, to my surprise they told me NOT to buy them, that Plextor was not being honorable any more, that Plextor is HIDING the truth about these burners having BIG problems.

I told the salesman that I didn’t believe him, and was about to walk out. The store owner came up and told me, “Well if you want, we’re on the phone to Plextor right now. We’ve been on the phone with them for weeks. You’re welcome to listen on the extension line.”

The salesman took me back into their tech room and let me listen to this conversation that their head technician was having with Plextor Belgium’s head technician.

Basically it went like this:
Store techie -> "Why have you been letting me work on the problem with these 716SA’s for two weeks WITHOUT telling me previously that they are INCOMPATIBLE with Intel & Promise SATA controllers ? For two weeks you’ve been telling me that I set them up wrong. ONLY today finally I drag out of you that you have compatibility problems with INTEL & PROMISE SATA controllers ? "

Plextor techie -> “Uh, uhm, ummm, well we have certain procedures we must follow… umm…”

Store techie -> “And that procedure of your’s involves HIDING THE TRUTH that your SATA burners are incompatible with many big name SATA controllers ? And trying to tell clients that THEY made a mistake, not Plextor”

Plextor techie -> “Uh, uhm, ummm, well we have certain procedures we must follow… umm…”

Store techie -> “WHERE on the Plextor website, or literature or information on the retail box, or in the retail box does it state that these ONLY work properly with one model of Adaptec SATA controller, which has only 2 SATA headers?”

Plextor techie -> “Uh, uhm, ummm, well no where. But there are probably other SATA controllers that these will work with. This is just the only one that we have tested working with them.”

Store techie -> “Then this system that I’ve been working on for two weeks, with three Plextor 716SA burners, could NEVER have worked properly and all the “mysterious” crashes that we’ve experienced are all due to this incompatibilty. You remember I told you that this system completely crashes every time the owner tries to read several DVD’s at once, and that his burns have many errors. His system has crashed so many times I can’t count, when trying to use the 716SA’s.”

Plextor techie -> “Uh, uhm, ummm, well yes.”

Store techie -> “Then we want our money back. Unless you have new burners which work on Intel & Promise SATA controlers”

Plextor techie -> “You have to go to your distributor for your money back. We can’t authorize that. You can bring the burners in so we can test them, and maybe in a couple weeks we can give you other 716SA burners”

Store techie -> “WHY do you need to test them? You just told me that you KNOW they are not compatible with the Intel & Promise SATA controllers that in this system.”

Plextor techie -> “Uh, uhm, ummm, well we have certain procedures we must follow… umm…”

Store techie -> “And what will happen after we wait a week or two to find if you will give us new 716SA’s ? Has this massive incompatibilty been solved ?”

Plextor techie -> “Uh, uhm, ummm, well no.”

Store techie -> “Then why should we bother sending them back to you ? You won’t refund our money, you can’t give us SATA burners which work any system except one with that one Adaptec SATA controller.”

Plextor techie -> "Uh, uhm, ummm, well that’s up to you. "

Store techie -> “Give me the phone contact information please of the boss of Plextor”

Plextor techie -> “Hold on… (long delay)… Ok well here is the name of the boss but I can’t give you his phone line, Adashi Takashi. Anyway he is in a board meeting.”

Store techie -> “When will he be out of that board meeting”

Plextor techie -> “I don’t know, could be all day.”

Store techie -> “So you won’t give me contact information for Mr. Adashi Takashi, and you claim he is unavailable all day?”

Plextor techie -> “Yes.”

Store techie -> “Goodbye, and thanks for wasting hours of my time, for the past couple weeks, claiming that I did something wrong, while you HIDE from me the truth that you have a BIG PROBLEM with your SATA burners.”

Well obviously I decided not to buy Plextor Sata, in fact after personally hearing that, I’ll NEVER buy any Plextor product again. The image they have does not match the current realilty".

I gave a big thanks to that store for letting me hear such an interesting conversation, and bought 2 NEC burners.

What an amazing thing to listen to. I never knew what went on behind the scenes in the computer business. So much for believing in fancy Plextor advertising.

Why am I not surprised!!! :eek:

It is known that some SATA boards are incompatible with this drive. Have you check the PX-716SA SATA Compatibility List?

I think drpino and others who own 716SA have no issues with theirs.

A friend fo mine is actually using it with a Silicon Image controller on an ASUS board w/ nForce 2 chipset, anyway I only find the overburning capabilities useful, but the Plextor drives prices are still too high.

No offense meant but perhaps because your are one of those people that think just because they read it on Internet it must be true? :confused:

[QUOTE=zevia]Have you check the PX-716SA SATA Compatibility List?

This Link
http://www.plextor.com/english/support/PX-716SA%20motherboard%20compatability%20listing.htm should work.

Quoting straight from that list:
Promise 20378 Optical Disc Drive not supported

Scrap one store techie for not reading docs. :wink:

i don’t have a SATA version of the 716…just 2 IDE versions…

i have to agree with zevia and hwp here that the compatibility chart must be referenced if one is to decide whether or not to purchase the SA version of this drive…

it amazes me how many people like to talk out of their asses…

Not true, I’ve asked the place that I buy parts from and they didn’t have anything good to say about SATA burners!!!
It amazes me how many people think the hand of God has been placed on every Plextor drives. I don’t get it. :eek: :rolleyes:

it amazes me how many people who have no experience with a certain thing think they know everything about it and everything else even remotely related…

Well I think I’ll chip in and talk out of my ass too.

WHY should the customer have to dig out some deep hidden compatibility list before buying a SATA drive?

Did I go looking for a compatibility list for the PATA version of the PX-712? No!

Did I go looking for a compatibility list for the NEC ND-3500AG drive? No!

Have I checked for a compatibility list for any of my other optical drives or harddisks previously? No!

Then WHY should a customer be expected to go looking for such a compatibility list when buying a Plextor PX-716SA drive??? It’s not like Plextor mentions ANYTHING about limited compatibility on their own (European) product page for the PX-716SA.

If Plextor has compatibility problems because they’re using a new technology (SATA) then it should be their responsibility to make such information easily available to potential customers BEFORE such customers buy the product, i.e. on their web-site and possibly on the packaging of the drive.

That’s the opinion of my ass, and now it will stop talking.

Who thinks like that anyway? :rolleyes:

I got a good working Plextor drives (716A and 712A), some don’t. I got a good working BenQ 1620 (2 of them), obviously many freaks don’t. Others got a good working NEC. I don’t, yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

DrageMester: looking for compatibility is the first thing one should do when buying computer products. Many newer machines are compatible with most newer products but not all. I thought this is a common procedure to educate ourselves before buying stuffs. For example, you wont just buy any IDE controller and think that your internal optical drives will work on it… Even if people say it works, it may not work in your system, like I did when trying SiI680 on my opticals…

you can choose to be an ignorant consumer and not do any research before making a purchase but don’t whine and complain about it if it doesn’t work out…ever hear of due diligence? do you expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter? do you like putting no effort into things and achieving optimal results? gimme a break…

are there any other SATA optical drives out there? maybe 1 or 2 at most…thus making the need to research them even more paramount…

your rhetorical questions are pointless and irrelevant since PATA/IDE optical drives and HDDs have virtually universal compatibility these days…the same does not hold true for SATA optical drives…are you sure your HDDs are functioning optimally? do you have TCQ/NCQ capable HDDs? do your SATA controller chips support them? in order to find out, you MUST do a little research on compatibility…

at this link: http://www.plextor.com/english/products/716SA.htm
there is clearly a link to the • Motherboard/PCI controller compatibility list directly beneath the Data Sheet, Specifications and Media Compatibility chart…all documents a prospective buyer SHOULD read…whether or not one does is irrelevant, but that information is there for a reason…

DrageMester…i have nothing against you, and my comment wasn’t directed at anyone in particular…but the tone of your post seems a little vindictive for some reason… :confused:

Compatibility is what the standards are for, such as SATA, UDMA 5, USB 2.0, AGP 8x etc.

There is no way you can expect manufacturers to make compatibility lists available for everything that some hardware can be attached to, and you cannot expect customers to have to deal with compatibility lists for everything either. Do you for example expect to have a compatibility list stating that some random harddisk is compatible with the SATA controller on some random motherboard?

Compatibility lists are and should be the EXCEPTION and not the RULE when dealing with hardware that conform to stated standards. If this were not the case, the pc architecture would never have become as popular as it is today.

Since Plextor (and possibly other drive manufacturers as well) have compatibility problems with the SATA version of their product, then it should be Plextor’s responsibility to make that information easily available ahead of purchase. This is not currently the case in Europe.

To be fair it is quite possible, or even likely, that the incompatibility issues are as much the fault of the SATA controller manufacturers as it is the faut of the drive manufacturer.

Since I don’t know the guys you’re talking about I’ll refrain from making any comments on their mental capability.

You’re indeed ‘not getting it’. This is not an issue of god-like capabilities of Plextor drives. It’s an issue of proper standard implementation.

As the situation is right now a compability issue is most certainly not on the side of the ODD but entirely on the side of SATA controllers. It’s the negligence of those chipset designers and/or the negligence of any motherboard designer that integrates those chipset that cause the incompatibility. It’s NOT the ODD drives fault!

PLEASE go and actually READ the compatibility list that was linked above! Just to illustrate the point: You’ll notice that for example a Sil3112 controller chip works fine for example on an Asus board but not, when on an Adapted PCI controller. Continue reading that list and you’ll notice different quirks with the same controllers integrated into different hardware.

Also please note that PATA drives hooked up via PATA to SATA Adapters are having the same problems with those same controlles. An old dog learns no new tricks the saying goes. You can’t expect ODD suport from a controller that doesn’t offer it in the first place!

One cannot seriouly expect of Plextor to fix broken hardware on the part of the controller side with some magic in their drives.

You expect anyone to believe that??? :Z
I see how you took out the word Troll, how come???

Stop posting nonsense. If you want to be part in the discussion try to write or argue something useful for us.

the SATA interface for HDDs may be a “standard” but using optical drives through them is by no means “standard” but rather a fairly progressive advancement in the use of that interface protocol…SATAII is a “standard” but you don’t see all controller chips supporting Native Command Queing yet…and the honus is not on the HDD manufacturer but the controller chip manufacturer…

it’s naive to assume that just because something operates under certain “standards” it will have full compatibility…unfortunately people ARE naive so it’s no wonder so many have issues with their computers’ hardware and software…

@PC-GUY, yes i do…and i didn’t remove the word “troll” from any posts in this thread…good to see you’re self-aware though…

Are you buying cars without doing an extensive test ride too?

OF COURSE YOU DID! DON’T LIE! Admit you bought it because it was labeled “IDE” and because that’s what you wanted. An IDE drive wouldn’t have been compatible with your SATA adapter, would it? As for inter-IDE compatibility you were just lucky that IDE is nowadays more or less problem-free.

Because there is (at least here in Europe) a big f*cking label on the box that reads “check for compatibility”.

It’s not their problem (seem my post above). And nevertheless that’s actually what they are doing.

Yup, better close it.

When did they make you a MOD?
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