I always buy my TY media from Rima. Well, with this free shipping deal newegg’s been running, I decided to throw a 50 pc spindle of TY 8X +R (T02) on an order. What a disapointment! I think it’s really old stuff. The batch number is TG000041.

Also, the spindle itself is not at ALL what I’m used to seeing TY media come on. It’s a white hard plastic base (that cracks really easily) and the top of the cake box looks more like everyone elses with the vertical plastic ridges. Very strange. I don’t think it’s fake, but I think it’s very very old or something.

So be warned. If you’re gonna shell out the extra money for what is, in my opinion, the finest media available to date, (TY02) don’t go anywhere else but www.rima.com.


PS, if someone is very interested to see, I’d be happy to (well, not really HAPPY, but…) post a scan here in this thread.

^ is it possible that you can post a pic of the spindle please? :slight_smile:

I’d like to see both a scan and a photo. Would be nice. :slight_smile:

Ok, here we go. Sorry my camera is older and doesn’t do macro. Looking at kg_evilboy’s “Cakebox gallery,” link it looks kinda like a cross between the euro TY cases and everyone elses as the cover doesn’t have that sholder near the bottom, as you can see here:

Here’s a shot of the bottom:

Here’s a scan I just finished specificly to show you guys:

Here’s what I’m used to seeing from TY02 purchased from Rima. (Same writer. NEC-3500)


Why don’t you think they’re fakes? Just curious, I’m not an expert on fake TYs by any means.

The hub serial number is authentic so they are not fakes

That and that Newegg has such a huge business, I can’t see them getting duped like that, or putting their reputation on the line by knowingly buying counterfeit goods and passing them off as genuine.


:sad: All of the T02 that I have purchased from Rima and Shop4Tech over the last several months suck period,TG001162 and TG00040 &41 :Z have been just awful I think you should blame T.Y.

Sure sounds that way. Thanks for the report. I guess the 100 pieces of TYG02 I just bought from Shop4Tech is actualy the best stuff I have on the shelf right now. How strange.


Would NewEgg take…bad batch as a reason for refund?

how do we know which one was left out in a hot place and one was still in a cool warehouse?

They are authentic alright, they just are bad batches that Newegg probably bought cheap. I had the same problem with their MCC003 in 100 Spindle and also with their Yuden t02. I can buy from Best Buy or other and get good ones, I have never recieved top notch media from the Egg, I stopped trying.:a

I’ve got good media from Newegg, but have also got some crap as well. Since I decided I was tired of poor media and the seller would get back every batch I bought that wasn’t the quality it should be, my media buys are all local.


My last 200 purchase of T02 from Rima are all TG000040 and they are extremely good-eh!

Also - the last 100 cakebox of MCC004 from Newegg are extremely good too-eh!

That IS very weird, especially with the spindles used. I used to get media in these spindles often, but the only media that I bought that came in these spindles was cheap media such as Princo, MUST 01, AN32. I actually kinda like these spindles, but those results are awful. I don’t know if some 3rd party is repackaging 2nd grade T02 and using their own source for spindles or what.

that’s a great burn even on a 1693s.

You haven’t seen great burns then. Here…

That’s a great burn.



The lesson here is - “some times a bargain is not such a bargain in the final analysis” and “if you want quality Taiyo Yuden media - then buy it from www.rima.com - even if it costs a little more” -eh!