Warning: Nero messes up bitsetting

There have been countless threads (some of them are merged now) cropping up about bitsetting issues ever since Nero has been released. It seems from these threads that Nero has issues with bitsetting, notably that it doesn’t work correctly with LiteOn drives, and furthermore, that it will override the bitsetting settings set by either the booktype tool or by OP’s auto-bitsetting.

This is certainly not the first time that Nero has screwed up bitsetting; there was an older version of Nero that did pretty much the same thing until the issue was resolved in the next version.

So my advice to LiteOn owners and anyone else experiencing problems bitsetting with this new version of Nero (apparently, this problem affects a few other drives as well, as I’ve seen a report of a BenQ user losing bitsetting) is to avoid and see if the next version will be any better.

For more information, you can search the Nero and LiteOn forums for threads that deal with this issue.