Warning: Mam-a "replica" available!

I ordered “Mam-a” pro audio 74min. 12x cdr’s from Stanley productions England

The box label I received reads "MAM-A Audio master …ITEM#10011498 " etc.
however, the software burners as Nero and similar, identify these as:
97 24 26 Computer Support Italy (type 6) 4x 8x 16x 20x 24x :o

Btw, Mam-A should be 97 27 55 or 97 27 56 or 97 27 58 or so, AND 12 x.

So, instead of USA-made Mam-a cdrs, I have a “replica”, or fake, purchased in
England, and made in Italy
And, guess where I am : I live in Italy… :clap:
seems a joke, but it isn’t i am afraid…

cheers to all

seems this post is not shown in the list…

Hi enri, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

What list?

It’s shown in the Blank Media forum, it’s shown in the New Posts list, it’s shown in the Find all posts by enri.moore list and in the Find all threads started by enri.moore list in your user profile.

So where else are you expecting to find it?

thanks DrageMester

thanks again and best regards

CSI is the source manufacturer of a vast majority of unbranded or el-cheapo-branded CDRs here in Belgium. :rolleyes:

All of the CSI CDRs that I’ve burnt during the last years have degraded very rapidly, all became unreadable in about 18-24 months. :Z

Now as a sidenote, taking the MAM route these days is not the wisest thing to do IMO. How about switching to Verbatim, Plextor, or unbranded Taiyo Yuden CDRs? :wink: - There are several trustworthy european online shops shipping to Italy.

Wise words. :wink:

Computer Support Italy bought Mitsui’s American and French factories (MAM-A in Colorado Springs, Colorado and MAM-E in Ensisheim, Alsace) from Mitsui Japan in 2003, so it’s quite possible that they have switched to their technology and ATIP :frowning:

As Computer Support Italy went bankrupt last year, MAM-A and MAM-E were bought by Hayet Business, a Swiss company, but MAM-E now went bankrupt too (and their boss mentioned that the competition from China and Taiwan is to be blamed - but why has TY continued producing in Japan, then?).
The last MAM standing is MAM-A.

But their media is nowhere as good as it was years ago, so I second or third [B]Francksoy[/B].

ok, but where can I get Taiyo yuden 74 min. cdrs ?

there’s a site in England, but I am not willing to
have another surprise
the site is:

thanks and cheers

www.svp.co.uk is exceptionally good, and last I heard they did ship to Italy - a lot of forum members use SVP aswell :slight_smile: