Warning-- LITEON 5005 has Audio HUM

Boy was I bummed when I hooked up the unit and notice that throught the coaxial input (tuner) you can hear a slight hum in the sound. Sometimes the sound will be very quiet on some channels and sometimes can be quite noticeable. I have read several posts regarding this problem and that it occurs on other LITEON units.

I have tried to use quality coax cables, grounds, filters…but it does not seem to work. Does anyone have a solution.

It also seems that the tuner seems to be much louder than the tuners in my VCR or TV. That maybe the problem in that it may pick up more interference.

Rule of thumb…when you hear muliple units have the problem…they all have the problem. I have excellent hearing so some of you out there cannot hear it. You can really hear it when its connected to a digital stereo using optical connection.

Sometimes, you cant hear anything…seems to be some type of electronic bug or maybe some cable systems dont work as well with it.

Anyone got a fix

I read on here that Liteon had reduced the volume on the tuner in a firmware update.Well,a lot of use that was!..The problem isn’t the volume ,it’s the distorted sound thats the problem(with mine anyway).Different channels are affected to varying degrees.The tuners crap.You can use a vcr tuner if you want through the front a.v. ports.It’s a well known problem with the 5005.

My 5007 has the tuner hum problem too, but I don’t hear it on recordings.

thanks for your response…its nice (I guess ??) to know that my unit is not the only one having this problem.

Sometimes I use to feel that everytime I bought electronics that I always get the defective ones…now I know they are all defective which means no reason to bring it back only to discover I have the same problem.

The mono tuner really is stupid. 2005 and we have mono tuners when the world is moving to 6.1 digitial…when LITEON have there technical meetings what do they say “mono is coming back as the new wave for audio”…

retro look is nice for cars…(mustang 2005) buy not for audio.

The mono tuner really is stupid but if you’re a manufacturer trying to put out low cost units and you have a whole bin load of old tuner units that could be used for profit rather than landfill…

Personally I never heard any hum (and my hearing is good thanks, except when the wife asks me to go shopping), other annoying noises yes but not that one.

its not a loud hum like the old phono amps use to make. Just put your ear next to the speaker and tune around to some channels where there is some low volume sound being played (not some loud action sequence).

Depending upon the channel or conditions (night/day), there is a background noise on the unit. Sometimes…it goes away.

Old tv’s use to make the same sound when lettering was displayed on the video signal (like a phone number for advertiser). Kind of a light buzz or hum.

I going to see if using a coax filter will help.

Well, sound can come and off…and the mono tuner…well, mono is bad even the mono you get when your sick is bad too…

Decided to take my HIFI VCR and hook it up to back ports. Now I can manually change channels while recording on the vcr. You cannot do that with the liteon.

Thus, in order to record muliple channels when I am away.I have to set the timers on both machines and put a bogus tape in the vcr. Otherwise, if its just one channel, I just set the VCR to the channel i want.

Now I get STEREO, HI FI (there is stereo non hi fi) which is ten times better than stupid mono.

Finally, when I become president of Liteon…I going to fire the person that designed the mono tuner. Must be some kind of anti Hi Fi nut.

This will do fine…I wait later for the dual layer DVD burners…at least its better than my VCR. Funny though…still need my VCR from 5 years ago to help the tuner issue…Liteon should be ashamed.


I hooked up my 5005 exactly the same way as your last post. HiFi VCR to AV 2 ports on back of 5005. It works great! Sound is much improved and I found the video quality to be superior to the signal that comes through the 5005 tuner. The only issue, as you point out, is you need to synchronize the timers and place a dummy tape in the VCR if you want to record multiple events at different times unattended. If it is a single event you leave the VCR on the desired channel and set the timer in the 5005 but choose the source as the AV-2 ports.

This is definitely the way to go if you want decent sound on 5005 timer recordings.

good workaround, but the ultimate point is as deadman states, unforgivable in this day and age to release a product with mono tuner! I mean really…

This is still a problem with ILO DVDR04 and LiteOn LVW-5104 machines.
I never heard it in my 2003-made LiteOn LVW-5001.

Go figure.

MY Sep '04 5005 has a noisy tuner, I don’t use it anymore

Yup, I’ve never used my tuner for the same reason, I’ve never even tried it. I have it hooked up through the VCR and just use it as a tuner, works much better with better quality if you ask me.

MY Jan 2005 5005 has a noisy tuner, I don’t use it anymore

The only fix that I know of addressess the loudness of the tuner; this “fix” is available in the firmware 0098 upgrade. Of course, for the hum (actually sounds more like a flutter noise), you can bypass the tuner by jacking in an external tuner through the A/V inputs IN THE BACK (the front input is noisy, as reported by many other owners).

more info:

Please note the first 5002/6 models where fittet with a jinxin tuner (mono). Later manufacture where with a Philips (stereo)
from a Liteon Rep.