Warning issued about maker of DVD-copying software

I just posted the article Warning issued about maker of DVD-copying software.

The website StarTribune.com reports that The Better Business Bureau has
warned consumers when buying software from 321 Studios. The company offers huge
rebates on their software a widely used…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8172-Warning-issued-about-maker-of-DVD-copying-software.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8172-Warning-issued-about-maker-of-DVD-copying-software.html)

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Smear campaign! 70 rebate problems since 2002…so two rebate problems per month? Not bad for a company selling hundreds, perhaps thousands of units each month.

unless you happen to be one of the people who didn’t get a rebate! then we would hear you bitch.

Two easy solutions either don’t buy ‘Crap’ software.there are better alternatives(Free ones too!) or better go Dual Layer. :d

Dual Layer it is!..

I sent a rebate in to 321 late January, No rebate yet. I thought being a not US Resident would not get it. Will have to Pursue it. cheers megod

I am no fan of rebates. I think they’re a ripoff. That being said, I have a great deal of respect for 3-2-1 Software. I own DVD Xcopy Platinum and it ain’t the ripper free version. I’ve had several discussions with their extremely knowledgeable technical support staff (one such conversation led to me uninstalling a Windows Update patch that was supposedly to block a security hole in Windows Media Player but actually broke - perhaps intentionally? - DVD Xcopy Platinum) and found them nothing but forthcoming and helpful. I have had to reinstall my software on several machines due to machine rebuilds and have expired my installations a number of times and on each occasion they cheerfully reset the server so that I was able to install again. These are good people and they’re fighting a very tough battle against unscrupulous and greedy foes on behalf of all of us and their line of business. To those who actually buy into rebates and don’t pursue them: you get what your intelligence deserves.

I don’t care for DVD X Copy compared to free programs like DVDShrink and DVD Decrypter. That said, the Better Business Bureau is a lousy organization that started up with noble ideals. You can pay to be on their “list of members” which makes you look like a quality vendor, whether you are or not. If you do pay them, it also takes a lot more work for consumer complaints to them to make you look bad. If you don’t pay them when they call up and invite you to be a member (this is from personal experience at a former job) they may tell you politely about phone calls made to them regarding your business (whether those are good or bad, they won’t say). 70 complaints over 2 years for a company that spans multiple countries is probably very little; I should bet that Microsoft, HP, and IBM have far more. This stinks to me of a smear, and nothing more.

:+ I have a copy of with the ripper from 321 Studios. I have been contacting the company for a year now repeatedly with nothing more than an automated FAQ on rebates. They absolutely had no intention of delivering, and it was only for $10, but still!!! However, the product was well worth the money even without the $10 rebate. I am now concerned with activations as they are reportedly out of business. Sooner or later that will make my product useless.