Warning - Flyboys

I just back-up this DVD, it didn’t have any of the bogus titles like Saw III and Open Season, but it is big, Very BIG.

I did “Clone DVD” and un-checked all the titles but the main movie, I could only get it down to 51%, and the scale was in the “RED” zone. When I played the back-up in my DVD player it looked like a perfect copy.

Just a heads up for everyone. :bow:

Hi Captain,:slight_smile:
You can save a bit of time by choosing the top button, and checking preserve menus. This is the same as clicking button 2, and deselecting everything but the main title.

I could only get it down to 51%, and the scale was in the “RED” zone. When I played the back-up in my DVD player it looked like a perfect copy.

That is a conciderable amount of compression. What size screen are you playing it back on? If it isn’t big, you may be dissapointed later with a larger screen. The split to 2 disks option is pretty nice for those big files. (eliminates compression, and preserves menus)

This thread should be in the CloneDVD forum.

I’ve seen mine as low as 42% before and it still looked good. I think Lord of the Rings Ext was like that.

I have the latest version of anyDVD and I have cloneDVD2. I tried to back up flyboys for a friend and I get and error on VOT_4. It also is at 50% instead of 100%. I was just wondering why I can’t back up flyboys for my friend. Not even xcopy express will back up the movie. Do you think it’s the original? Just wondering.

I did it yesterday with no problems and I did full disc and movie only backups. You may have a bad source disc or maybe a little dirty , try some alcohol to clean the disc:iagree:

With all the problems with the latest movies are you suggesting to use alcohol on the dvd or to ingest it as that would help too. :bigsmile:

wouldn’t it be easier to split it onto two discs? that way you wouldn’t have any compression and blank dvd’s are pretty cheap right now.

Why would I split it? I’m pretty sure that isn’t the problem. The dvd of flyboys is brand new and clean. I think maybe it’s a bad source disk? Anyway I can’t back up Flyboys at all. :disagree:

You are right, you must have a bad source disc, because I backed up this movie and had no problems. Try another and let us know.:iagree:

Who wants to get up and swap discs in the middle of a movie?

That’s why I don’t ever split.

In all honesty it is a pain in the a$$ if you have to get up, but if you have a multi disk player it’s pretty nice.
Hey don’t you remember the “intermission” at the drive in when growing up? :bigsmile:

and do not forget the snacks at intermission yum!! :iagree:

Can someone tell me how to split a movie between 2 discs?

well…if getting up and pushing the eject button is more activity than you are willing to do, don’t split them i guess.

the point that i was “trying” to make is if compression is an issue and you want to be sure that you get a better picture without any compression, that option is open. that would be the only reason to split the movie.

it seems to make the picture noticeable better for me on the long movies like flyboys and the guardian. i also don’t have to walk far to change the disc. it really isn’t difficult.

oh, and jdc241, if you selct help in clonedvd, the instructions for splitting are pretty good in there.

I have 5 disc changer so no biggie to me and Intermission works good for pee/munchie/beer/etc breaks :rolleyes:

Oh yeah :slight_smile:

Problem I have with Flyboys is the sound not copying onto disc.
I can play it fine off the hard drive, but after copying to a disc, there is no sound for the actual movie. I have sound for the preivews, scene selclections, etc, but once the actual movie starts, no sound…

I noticed that Cloner DVD made 2 subfolders for Flyboys instead of the usual one.
Now I have one that says audio_ts, and another one that says video_ts.

I have made copys of some of my other movies with no problems like this, I am using dvd’s from Fugi of the same batch.
I copy to my hardrive with ClonerDVD, then burn onto a disc using same program.

Are you sure you’re not accidently removing the audio? The latest version is CloneDVD, not

That is not the CloneDVD from Elby/Slysoft. Good luck with that…