Warning dont trust the scaning abilitys of the benq



Hello I have burnt dvds on my pioneer 109 ritek g05 printables.And then i did a scan on them first with my plextor 712a plextools pro 3.0 and then the same media on my benq 1620 with nero cd-dvd speed quality test.The tested media played without problems on my dvd players.The odd thing is that the scans differs big time :eek:
The plex scan is good but the benq scan is bad on the same media:confused:
I believe that cd-dvd speed and the benq 1620 pro scans is not to be trusted. :sad:
I post some pics below on the scaned media first scan is with the plextor
wonder if someone else has experienced this :rolleyes:


Was the Plextor scan also done at 8x? If not, try BenQ scanning at similar speeds (2-4x). Marginal discs have much lower error rates at lower reading speeds.


I had the same experience here:


Lite-On, are you scanning a year old disk?
Differences is normal but it shouldn’t be that much. My 716a scans is “similar” and “comparable” with 1620 scans. For example here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=839712&postcount=233


@ Lite-On What makes you think that Plextor (Plextools) scans can be trusted and BenQ (CD Speed) can’t? it all depents on how good reader a DVD R is. Quality scans are made to compare different disks on the SAME reader.


Same disc scanned on Litey 1673 and BenQ 1620Pro. Which one should you trust? Not even the Quality Score is comparable. Please note that the Litey scan was done @4X while the BenQ scan was done @8X. Still the BenQ shows a much better result :confused: If I only had the Litey for scanning I would consider this an awfull burn. Is the BenQ being too optimistic???


My scans of the same media differ significantly in both of my Benq 1620’s and also in my Philips burner. I have also noticed that heat can make quite a difference as well. Some disks get a very high quality score when cool but if scanned when hot, it’s a different story. I don’t rely too much on quality scans but I do verify all my burns and test in my standalone players by skipping through chapters. This always shows up any problems. I have found that Riteks, CMC’s & MCC003’s are of such variable quality anyway that verifying is a must.


I had a similar effect, look at my post over here


I have seen the same behaviour but in the different direction i did a scan from a disc burned and scanned with an liteon 832s and guess what ? The benq showed me insignificantly badder results then the older scan s i think its ok but i hope it doesnt go in the other way. XD


because every scan that have bean reported to be good in plextools has played flawlessly on all my dvd players.
and the benq tells me it is bad look at the pics

but I have burnt some g05 8x-R with my benq to then scand it with cd-dvd speed.The scan told me that the dvd whas fine with a quality score 95 but the dvd did not play very well in any of my dvd players.
And Plextools Confirms that with higher error curves.

cd-dvd speed dont give me the right results when it tells me that a bad burn is good and a good burn is bad


Lite-On: The top plextor scan I wouldn’t say it is good… 22000 POE? this doesn’t sound good to me… or maybe I just can’t interpret Plextor scans =)

BTW. my Philips always showed very similar scan to my LiteOn… also all discs played without problems as well.

Edit: Did you look only at QS when you burned your Ritek G05 on BenQ… or did you looked to other values as well… like JITTER? QS isn’t enough… never was never will be.


I have scaned the disc at 4x to makes almost no different


No the disc is á new one it is a ritek g05 printable 8x-R A grade to be exact :smiley:


ritek produces a-grade media ? :eek:


You cannot make any sweeping conclusions until you check out multiple burns on various discs using many different drives (overlap of same type) with all the scanning programs.

It might be that one of your drives is just not good for scanning.


Also the transfer rate scans… so you can see if only the drive can read the disc good or bad. =)


Whenever I try something new with my benq burner, I scan the results on both my liteon DVD-ROM 166s drive and the benq.

While the benq generally gives better results then the liteon, it does give me a rough idea about how well the media is really written and how well it will perform on different drives.

If both the benq and liteon scan reasonably well, then I can be happy that the disk is well written and will work on most drives. If both drives do not agree on the results to a large degree, I will not trust the burn’s overall compatibility.

Fortuantely, the only differences I have really noticed are when I have been playing with burn stratagies.