Warning: Do not spam this guy

Warning: Do not spam this guy

"LONDON - Most people just grumble and hit delete, but when Gordon Dick received a spam message advertising Internet services, he fought back.

The 30-year-old Web marketing specialist from Edinburgh sued the sender, Transcom Internet Services Ltd., in small-claims court. The court ordered the company to pay $1,445 in damages and $1,190 in court costs"

Wow, if I got $1,445 for each piece of spam I ever got…I would be SUPER RICH!!!.. :eek:

good for him

I just want someone to pay me a penny a day and double it everyday for a year.

Lol :slight_smile:
Not even slightly undeserved.

/me proposes a class-action lawsuit against all identified spam companies, and a fund set up to identify unidentified spam companies.

Have you been playing chess in India recently? :wink:

Damn…fair play to the guy! :bigsmile: :bow:

my Grandad used to tell me that he would work for anyone for a grain of corn a day and double it each day. When I got old enough to figure it out I realized he would have alot of corn after one year but I wanted pennies.

So, you are willing to travel to some remote country, track where the hell that spam came from and somehow manage finding the actual responsible company and/or person? These lawsuits don’t work when the spambot is not in Europe.

^ No, I’ll just use the easy button! :stuck_out_tongue:

Death to all spammers. Good deal for that guy! :slight_smile:

All spammers should die a slow, painful death - without the help of public assistance - and thereafter burn in Hell for all eternity without possibility of parole. :iagree:

So… basically you’re saying that spamming should be punished harder than any other crime including mass murder or genocide because it’s a far greater crime? :wink:

Yeah, sorry about that. Telemarketers should have also been included on that list.

Hahahaha :bigsmile:

I live close to Edinburgh and this story has made the local news program on TV and been in the papers. I guess it’s good to know you can at least have some revenge against the evil spam. :smiley:

Genocide affected my (now dead) ancestors and relatives. Spam affects… meat this moment. I think that’s a big difference. :bigsmile: