***WARNING*** Do not purchase BenQ DW-1620 from PCONTIME.NET!

I recently purchased what I thought would be a BenQ 1620 burner from http://www.pcontime.net. Well, they sent me an AOpen DUW-1608 which is made by Ricoh and the drives are junk. To make this problem worse pcontime.net is owned by another company called Infinity Plus Systems, Inc. which has a horrible track record of service. Searching for these companies on resellerratings.com shows numerous complaints. And ironically, the only positive comments I could find were all by users who had only posted once, indicating that the company probably posted their own “positive” comments to make themselves look good. Another user on this forum was also scammed by these guys as well.

When I called pcontime.net to let them know they sent me the wrong drive the customer service rep tried to tell me the AOpen drive was the same as the BenQ. Then I told him that I called AOpen and verified that the drive was indeed made by Ricoh. So then he changed his story and told me to just ‘send it in’ and they’d send me the right drive. He wouldn’t give me an RMA number of anything, he just told me to ‘send it in’. Well F that because I know it’s just going to get lost in oblivion.

These people are a scam, do not buy from them.

Admins, if you see this post please stick it to the top of the BenQ/Philips forums so that others won’t get burned by this company.

You should spread that info all over the net to make those a$$holes really feel what “customer (dis)satisfaction” is!!! And maybe tell BenQ about it, too, they may have a little more muscle to kick those f%$*!#+s´s 45535!

pCONtime.net ?

Newegg is good for online purchases. They’ve worked out things with me and people i know personally. Thanks for the warning pcontime.

Just yesterday someone complained the same store http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=125628

The person who complained yesterday has been corresponding with myself on a plan of action about what to do about our situations. We’re wondering how many others are the in the same boat as ourselves.

Would it be possible to have http://www.pricewatch.com take pcontime.net off their site? That would be one solution to prevent them from ripping anyone else off.

Check this http://www.resellerratings.com/seller7982.html link and this http://www.resellerratings.com/seller1890.html link for examples of how shi**y their service is.

These people need to be shut down so that they don’t rip anyone else off.

i’d contact the Better Business Bureau in either your state or the state where these crooks are based.

I second that recommendation…most companies will bend over backwards to please you once you threaten them with the Better Business Bureau.

The more the better…Go get em’ :bigsmile:

Jeenam, If you purchased the drive with a credit card, your credit card company will help you. If you notify your credit card company and tell them that you did not receive the item that you ordered, the credit card company will cancel the payment to the vendor. Usually, you have to send the card company a letter explaining the details. If you did not get the item that you ordered, the card company will back you up!

Unfortunately I bought the drive with my debit card so there will be no refund =\

In response to those who suggested contacting the better business bureau, it would make sense that numerous people have, by now, contacted the BBB regarding this company. You don’t piss off that many people and not get reported. Many of the reports on www.resellerratings.com suggest that the BBB was contacted and that pcontime/infinity plus simply ignores the complaints that are filed and continues to operate in the same shady manner.

If any of you have time you should call this place just for kicks and see what I mean. The customer service/sales rep there is a the biggest doochebag on the planet. He’s rude and doesn’t give a shiz about the customer. Most of his responses are one liners and he has an accent that makes him sound like one of those mexicans they import to the USA to work for $.10/hr.

Here’s the number: 800.219.5096 (press 1 for sales - all the extensions go to the same guy)

Ask them questions about whether they will modify an order you placed a few days ago, or why their service is such rubbish (the cs/sales rep will probably start arguing with you).

Why is that? I get the same protection with my debit card as a CC. :confused:
Did you call you your bank?

Yeah, I had a similar experience a while back and my bank had no problem pulling the funds back till the dispute was resolved!

Call your bank!

This is yet another reason why, if you dare to use PriceWatch.com or any other low price website, you should ALWAYS, ALWAYS double-check the reseller you choose at ResellerRatings.com and BizRate.com (for larger companies) BEFORE you place an order. There are far too many fly-by-night resellers out there in this day and age. If you don’t check to make sure the water isn’t boiling before take a drink, you’re going to burn your tongue.

Alternatively, NewEgg.com always has fair prices, and their customer service is somewhere between ‘legendary’ and ‘godlike.’ Just pay the extra $10 and buy it from NewEgg.

ZipZoomFly is the next Newegg :wink:

Actually at pricegrabber, ZZF has higher rating then newegg.

case in point ;)…just the scale of operations is smaller (for now).