Warning - - Clean your Mp3's



The RIAA is using old softwares versions of Kazaa (etceteras) to read one’s shared files. . . Apparently, the older versions have more flexibility. . . See below article


In the Mp3, the ID3v1 and ID3v2 Tags have identifying Hash marks that can be used to identify where one got the Mp3 from. . . When the RIAA sued one woman, she claimed that her Mp3’s were all her own, but the RIAA used the Mp3 Hash marks to prove she lied. . . In fact the Hash marks showed that some of her Mp3’s were originally downloaded via the Napster (now gone) file sharing software.

So use the free CDex software to convert all your Mp3’s to Wav files that have no Tags at all. . . (Warning - These Wav files are 10-times bigger than the Mp3’s, so only do 10-50 at a time). . . To avoid CDex or other software from carrying over the Hash marks, use another software to convert back to Mp3. . . If you had 128-bitrate Mp3’s to start with, then use 160-bitrate to go from the Wav file back to the “Hash cleaned” Mp3 file to minimize sound-quality loss.


Yeah I read about that a week (or so) ago. Funny thing is, that there is no scientific proof that the technology the RIAA uses to determine where a song originates from is correct… according to some people, they’re just guessing with a non-proven theory…


Sorry, but I can not locate the Article to list it here. . . But that Article stated that the Hash marks on a downloaded Mp3 file are so unique that it is almost impossible to find two Mp3’s with the same hash marks. . . The RIAA uses this argument when investigating Mp3 files. . . Apparently the Court has accepted this argument.

For example, below is the WinMX listing for an incomplete downloaded Mp3 file. . . There are a lot of numbers to track this Mp3.
__INCOMPLETE___Bagpipes - Northumbrian Small - Anon - Duncan Macrae Of Kintails Lamentdc4b780ea218eb11da8ed977fdc3a23e00481dd900800000ac4400000127.mp3