Warning B3HC for 822A

hi, i am facing some serious problem similar to

hello experts,
i had a massive problem starting my computer, after i flashed from B3BC to B3HC!
first there was a long delay during the boot prozess, when my motherboard was seaching for the installed drives and then WINDOWS XP was hanging completely during startup. a new reboot was necessary. after some new tries, my computer bootet finally successfully, but there was -sometimes- no BENQ 822A under WINDOWS XP, only my dvd-rom (LG 8120 btw).
so i searched the internet for help and found this thread…and flashed back to B3EC…and everything is fine again!

maybe somebody has a email address of BENQ, where i can send my problem describtion

here’s my system:
ABIT NF7-S nForce2
ATHLON 2500@3000

btw…i reinstalled my nForce2 drivers and used an older version 3.13…but still the same problem.

QUOTE take from http://forum.rpc1.org/viewtopic.php?t=25847&postdays=0&postorder=asc&&start=25&sid=35d2170c45c40159e5098db15106f982

now i disconnected the drive, err, i think if i manage to restart i hope i will flash back to B3EC or the original B3BC


Hi Guys,
I had a very similar problem with B3HC. Drive installed as external USB not listed in the device manager after flash. I blamed USB. Reflashed to B3BC using internal ISA connections. Reinstalled externally and it worked again.

Your problem and mine sounds so much alike, that it’s got to be B3HC or the Flasher program itself. I have a IEEE Case do this week, will post results.

I am thinking that maybe, the drive is not being redetected when Windows starts up on the machine it was installed on. Remember it was dedected on a different machine when installed as IDE and then reflashed back to B3HC.

The more I think about it, I THINK IT’S A REDETECT ISSUE !!!

my spec are similar to the guy, nForce 2 based motherboard

do you think i put it on a VIA machine will it work?

thank you

this problem lead me to reinstall windows :frowning:


Please, if you can TRY THE DRIVE with the B3HC firmware on a different machine. If it work’s on the second machine and doesn’t work on your (the flasher machine) we will be getting closer to an answer on this issue.

Is it where it was flashed ???
Is it the Firmware ???
Is it the Flasher ???
Is it Windows ???

Beats the S@&T out of me…

well i dunno, since now i flashed back to the B3EC boot fine, so i dont really want to do anything testing

i can confirm that maybe nForce machine + B3HC = Boot/Startup Problem


On a European message board another BenQ fan had to backout to B3EC from B3HC to get Windows to find his DW822A. He had a VIA machine. This revision has alot of problems…

did you de-install the nForce drivers and using the standard drivers from Microsoft instead ?
i have read somewhere that nForce drivers sometimes causing troubles.


well i think nForce dirver might be the problem, since now the B3EC is working so i dont really bother it

i think nForce IDE dirver ‘should’ be better than Windows default right?


New CASE fixed all my problems (see External Post for details)… B3BC, B3EC, and B3HC all work in both USB & Firewire modes…

i just figured out the problem, it is the powerful nVidia IDE Driver

try to use Windows Default Driver


I have almost same problem, i m using Nforce 2 MB and DW800A@822A B3HC.
Windows XP spend much time to boot and it cant see my DW822A after I upgraded Nforce IDE SW 4.12.

BUT, after a restart, it can see DW822A and work fine.

BUT, booting still takes long time.

Last BUT, CD speed 3.0 cant do PI/PO test!! It says no support the drive.
I tried to downgrade IDE SW, XP cant start at all.
I tried to downgrade to IDE non-SW driver, XP can start, but Nero and DiscJugger cant burn +R, session fixation error. CD speed 3.0 works well.

So, My final solution is creating 2 hardware profile, one with latest IDE driver to burn DVD, and another one with IDE non-SW driver to do PI/PO test.

Hope my exp can help anyone of u.

I also want to try B3EC but B3HC give me unbelievable PI/PO, average less than 1.


how you create another hardware profile?

now mine using the B3HC with default driver, it is working


Sorry, just found that creating 2 hardware profile doesn’t work, both the 2 profile share same IDE driver.

With default driver, I cant burn +R, always show seesion fixation error.
How can you make it work?

well, i dunno, you need to unistall the nVidia IDE driver with proper method from the control panel there


got it, use Nforce non-SW driver, all working well. the non-sw driver can be found in Nforece 2.41 driver pack.
I tested Verbtim 4X +R and Ritek 4X -R with code MCC002 and RITEKG04, avergae PI for +R less than 1! -R PI around 5.
excellent, right?