Warning : Avoid Nero at all costs - its total rubbish!

Nero is the worst piece of dvdr software ever written. Everything from its stupid annoying GUI to its buggy code. It should be removed from existance. I hate it with a passion unsuppased. I used to use it with cdr’s, but with dvd’s over the last few years have HAD to use instant-dvd or record-now. If you are having dvd burning problems and you use NERO it is NERO that is the problem, believe me! remove it from your machine and all your porbs will go away.

If you actually paid money from it then contact your trading standards / cc co and demand a refund. Why software co’s like this are allowed to exist is beyond me. Why does word not get around about just how buggy and unreliable it is? sure some lucky folks will find it works OK, but having burned media from the days when a 4x yamaha cd burner cost over $3k I can tell you, avoid it, dont even go there, even if it seems to work for now, an update in future will break it, or dual layer will come out and nero problems will raise their head yet again. don’t pay to be a nero beta tester use something/anything else written by people who can write and test code properly, not aheads flakey rubbish.

Glad to get that off my chest

ahhh another coaster - well done nero - you are truly the worst

Nero is probably one of the best cd/dvd mastering software available!! Don’t blame software for your own mistakes

Oh joy. Yet another wonderfully constructive post/thread in the forum. :rolleyes:

Uh, Nero works just fine for me. Hasn’t given me any problems. Burn quality is identical to any other burning software that I’ve used. If you got problems with Nero, it’s more likely that you have problems with your setup or with that you’re doing!

Interesting. All 3 of the posts that you’ve made so far have all been unconstructive flames. So, uh, why did you join?

so you’ve written 1,336 posts, you obviously have not read many of them. There are endless complaints about Nero and its notoriously buggy. I retried it out of curiosity recently to find it’s as bad as ever. I laid my credentials as someone who’s been burning cd’s (and now dvd’s) for over 10 years. (+ 20 years low level coding). I can say with real authority that Nero is 2nd rate software. Why are there constant new releases every other week, using the public as beta testers. Why are there endless bugs reported and fixed. It is so flakey its untrue, if that is in your estimation one of the best then we’re doomed. I will return to Instant CD (did Ahead ever work out how to do UDF long names properly? - what a joke)

With what technical knowledge exactly, did you arrive at the conclusion that Nero is ‘one of’ the best and how did you achieve such an elevated status that anyone who disagrees must be making mistakes?

johnblox there is no reason to make a debate out of this. As i replied in another constructive post of yours, lots and lots of users are satisfied with this software. Of course it is buggy, as 99% of the software i have used so far.

If you do have problems with it just post about the problems you have and someone will be able to help. If on the other hand you have already made up your mind to use another software to do your job, then by all means do so and post about your experience with it. Please stop making negative non-consructive posts about Nero or any other software you might use. Your case reminds me of others that did the same thing with Roxio, which was also uncalled for and not welcome here.

Fight! Fight! Fight! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

At the end of the day it all boils down to personal prefence, what one person thinks is the bee’s knee’s app, is another persons POS … c’est la vie, as they say.

OK Lets give an example. I was trying to get a dvdr working over usb2 which is a black art. Trying different usb->ide’s and diff pc’s it is very unreliable (< 50%) now often the dvd will just stop half way through. Nero just sits there ticking away and locks up, even turning off the drive it still wont exit. You get no error mess and have to force close it OR reboot sometimes. I tried RecordNow max which seems to be the fav here. That gave a real error message on some occasions. Other times, you were at least able to abort and close the program down, like you should be.

I genuinely believe that Nero is poorly written and I say this from 20 years of coding experience and base it on the way the gui works and the software is unable to cope with anything going wrong. It is all style and no content, loads of irrelevant bloat and shiny graphics yet little care on making a solid reliable app. Bugs are far less acceptable IMO in critical software like this. I HAVE to verify everything as dvd burning software is just not that reliable. Nero often fails a verify however on perfectly correct burns. The interface on nero is ridiculous, do a multi session disc, burn it, then change the label & files, it sets itself to continue multi and grays out other options, so you have to create a totally new disc, with all new settings, the prog is a joke, i could go on, anyone who has used 4-5 diff progs knows this.

Instant-cd, my fav for last year has gone bloat, and didnt seem to like usb2 at all (had to use the usb driver and then it fukd like other swares) so I was looking for a replacment, more fool me.

It appears that if you do get usb2 - dvdr working u r lucky, despite knowing pc’s inside out I am no closer to a reliable solution. perhaps a proper usb2 drive would work better than the enclosure method but I dont have the time for all this so will prolly go firewire.

ooops sorry for the reply above, i’ve got an external usb2/firewire enclosure with a dvd recorder in it. with nero 5.5 absolutely no problems. with nero 6 it freezes sometimes(also with my internal dvd recorder). nero 6 is getting better with every release but a bit too slow for me. ashame my newest burner in the enclosure, where my old one used to be in, is not supported in nero 5.5

With Nero and the Teac 58GA DVD burner IDE I have not been able to copy a CD-R or burn more than 40 MB on a DVD+R of different brands.

I wanted to compile 4 or 5 CDs on one DVD, made sure they fit in.

After 70% of burning it froze exactly as johnblox said. I had to reboot.

What is the problem here ?

Maybe a problem with Nero 6 and external usb writers. :confused:

@ johnblox, Maybe you could try Nero 5.5 and see if things change for you as they have with puki ajam?

@ bapon

You could try the following:

-Update to the latest official version of Nero.
-Update you IDE/chipset drivers (most likely the problem lies there)
-Check you ASPI layer installation (if you have installed any other than the Nero dll.)

@ johnblox

I am not familiar with how Nero copes with usb2 enclosed IDE drives. If you;re using the appropriate drivers for your usb2 and have no other problems with it, then it sounds like a nero bug. Try contacting ero tech support about this and see what you get.

As for Nero’s interface, well that is clearly a matter of opinion. I also like my software nice and simple, like Burnatonce, but others might not. Truth is that since the 6series got out, Nero became an all-to-do application, others like it, while others dont. It has gone a long way since its first 6.0 release with the versions after .23 being ok i guess (with the small minor bugs one would expect in any soft).

I have been using Nero for last 4 years starting with Nero 5.5… and now using the latest version, never had any serious problem with. I also should mention that some of the Nero modules (Nero Recode) is very slow in processing encoding ( or Recoding)with respect to others like DVD Shrink, DVD XCoy and so on. In short Nero is very straight forward Burning process and user fiendly, which obviously needs improvement, that is why these updates are for.

Here’s another good one. Do a simulated burn and press abort part way through, nero shows “aborted by user” in log and then just hangs up on you! Its also OBSESSED with contantly ejecting the disk, whether required or not.

File -> Preferences -> Expert Features, and tick the box ‘Do not eject the disc after burn is complete’.
As for the simulation issue, I just tried it and it aborts normally here - OK, there is some delay while the drive completes whatever bit of the simulation it is doing at the time (to empty it’s buffer I suppose). If yours hangs, may be it is a drive dependent issue?
I was using LG GSA-4082B, w2k, Nero

I have never had any problems burning CD R/RW with it great program however no I do when burning DVD’s. I do not think it’s all Nero’s fault, there are so many burners, computer configurations etc. I would be a miracle if there was any software that could run on any config in the world perfectly. However I would like to say, Johnblox: So you hate NERO, that is your opinion but instead of just being negative maybe you can also let us know what you think is a better program than. that is usually how it works you warn people and give them advice to a better option.


Johnblox any particular reason why you edited your last post, removing the comment that you had already ticked the "Do not eject … " option in Nero?

If you have come here only to whine about Nero, i assure you have joined this forum for the wrong reasons.

Hmmm, perhaps you are a good canidate for DVD/RW±? If you use only RW you will never have a ‘coaster’ and until you can get your shit together and figure out the problem instead of whining like a little girl about a product that so many others seem to use/enjoy without any problems, this will save you money and give you a work around…
My two centavos…

The reason that there is 10x more people complaining about faulty burns in nero is because there are 10 times as many people using it, it dont take much to figure it out, just simple maths really, i use nero and whilst having had major problems burning some DVD’s it was always media related. Not Nero.