Warning About Tunebite Quality in WMP11



It may just be me, but I tried WMP11 with Tunebite today. Not too good. It recorded the song, but the song had a lot of blank spots, mixups, and screw ups. I think that this is WMP11s new DRM software. Just wanted to give all you Tunebite users out there a fair warning.


Thanks [B] shadowfaxframe [/B] I will give it a try as well and see how I go.


Sounds like another reason not to upgrade/use WMP . . .


Thanks for the heads up.


This is because of their implanting the DRM you’ll need to subscibe to their service to get it not choppy and if you burn it to a cd the DRM will still be there from what I read. I use mine own player that came with my sound card and it’s better than WMP. Yes after I get the OS I won’t use WMP I’ll actually uninstall it as I have for XP Pro.


I prefer SOUNDTAXi, cause I’m inspired of it’s speed & quality. In half a day it converted more than 1000 protected WMA files to MP3, which I downloaded with a free Napster trial and from Yahoo music!
They have a free trial at http://www.soundtaxi.info


One other point to be aware of with WMP11 beta is that if you go ahead and install it, make sure you make a back up of your hard disk because if you find, as I and others have, that Tunebite skips badly with WMP11, even when you uninstall it, it leaves behind whatever causes the increased skipping problem and re-installing WMP10 doesn’t solve it.

Conclusion…just don’t bother installing it


i’m getting this horrible problem with tunebite and wmp11. now i hear you can’t uninstall it and go back to wmp10 to fix it?? what can be done?! i love tunebite…i need it!!

edit: does the new tunebite 3.x have the same problem with WMP11? and is the upgrade free from previoius versions or do they screw you over?


Actually, you can uninstall it, its just a pain. Then, just find an install file of the V10.


If you slow the speed down that tunebite does the files its fine ie from 4 to 3 fine for me now.


i never tried out slowing it down to 3x speed…i just rolled back WMP11 to WMP10. which is fine because i like have the 4x speed anyway. and now no problems with the results anymore. if you don’t know how to rollback to WMP10 go to control panel-add remove programs. then check the ‘show updates’ box at the top. then find WMP11 and check uninstall. it’ll say something about going to the previous version, which is what you want. then its all good. but no more pretty cover art libraries and such :slight_smile:


yep, I had the exact same issue. Songs kep skipping around when using wmp11. The only fix was to downgrade back to wmp10


I have the perfect solution. Musicstacker version 3 work well and does not have the Tunebite quality issues. check it out http://www.musicstacker.com/downloadms/Setup_MS_3_0_0GFE.exe


Wow, this is a really old thread. I wish I found it before Sunday 10/31/10. I installed TuneBrite and didn’t like it so I uninstalled.

Nothing but problems now. I cannot play anything that has DRM. And I can’t Reset DRM as per Microsoft’s directions. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/925705

Everything I do with respect to DRM causes an Application Error and terminates the program.

It tried to roll back WMP11 to reinstall it. It took me three days to recover enough files to do the uninstall. I still can’t do anything associated with DRM.